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Chapter 402 - The Drunk Lu Manman (8)

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When they turned around and saw Lu Manman enter, the livelier colleagues were about to ask where Director Lu had gone when they saw her bringing Tang Yaoyao in. Instantly, there was a commotion again.

It was not surprising to see her in Lu Firm. However, it felt completely different to be able to meet her up close. Although Tang Yaoyao was not famous now, she was naturally very popular because of her beauty.

"It's a small surprise. Miss Tang will be singing three songs. We need a group photo and autographs. Hurry up." Lu Manman smiled.

The male colleagues were still alright. They were not obsessed with celebrities and only chased after beautiful women.

Knowing that they could not chase after this kind of woman, they were tactful.

The other female colleagues swarmed over and surrounded Tang Yaoyao.

Lu Manman took advantage of the chaos and returned to the dining table.

Zhang Xiande was already drunk and incoherent, but it was obvious that he was very happy.

When Lu Manman returned to her seat, her male colleagues started to toast her one after another.

Lu Manman did not decline.

They drank.

After dealing with everyone, Tang Yaoyao went on stage to sing.

Tang Yaoyao was still very capable. She could sing, dance, and act. It was only right for her to become famous in the future. Furthermore, she could even hype herself up.

The group ate happily.

They ate until eleven. Other than a few good women, no one else showed any signs of leaving.

Only Tang Yaoyao left after singing three songs and toasting everyone.

At this moment, Lu Manman was really drunk.

She was a little drunk and confused.

Zhang Cui sat beside her with a gla.s.s of wine. "Director Lu, I want to toast you again."

Lu Manman could barely see Zhang Cui clearly.

She still picked up her gla.s.s and toasted with her.

Zhang Cui seemed to have also become more talkative after drinking a little. "Director Lu, I really admire you. Previously, when you just arrived at the company, I really looked down on you. I thought you were just a small fry who didn't know anything. Now, I know that you're actually so capable. I really feel that my previous disdain for you was completely disrespectful. I want to punish myself with a cup."

After she spoke, she drank a cup.

Lu Manman just looked at Zhang Cui.

This woman had become more emotional because of alcohol, and her face was red.

She shook her head lightly and stopped Zhang Cui. "There's no need. The past is not important. Follow me well from now on."

"Director Lu, I will do my best until I die."

Lu Manman smiled again.

She was an old virgin who made people not know whether to laugh or cry.

She whispered to Zhang Cui, "Secretary Zhang, I'm drunk. I'm leaving first. Don't tell anyone. Let them have their fun."

"Alright." Zhang Cui hurriedly nodded.

It was like two people who had done something wrong and had to keep each other's secrets.

Lu Manman got up and shook a little.

She walked carefully toward the entrance, afraid that she would suddenly b.u.mp into something and attract everyone's attention. Then, she would definitely not be able to leave.

Fortunately, she touched the door handle and opened it.

Most of the people inside were already drunk and did not notice much.

Lu Manman opened the door to the private room and went out.

She went out, and after taking a few steps, she suddenly staggered and almost fell to the floor.

Someone suddenly hugged her.

Lu Manman felt a familiar chest with a familiar scent.

She could still hear his familiar voice. "You still got drunk?"

You can read the novel online free at ReadNovelFull or ReadNovelFull

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