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Chapter 400 - The Drunk Lu Manman (6)

"I want to ask you the same thing, Miss Yin. You're not in the capital, but you come to Wen City every few days. Why?"

"Your family owns Wen City?" Yin Lanyi sneered. "Don't think that you're all that just because you've been doing well in Wen City recently. It's just a sudden success. What's there to boast about?"

Lu Manman really did not feel like she was showing off at all.

But the more she cared, the more she reb.u.t.ted her. Lu Manman did not seem like she wanted to harp on it.

She put down her makeup bag and was ready to leave.

"Lu Manman." Yin Lanyi could not stand her nonchalance.

Why was Lu Manman so arrogant?

How condescending!

Lu Manman stopped in her tracks. "What's the matter?"

"Aren't you curious why I'm here?" Yin Lanyi controlled her emotions.

"I was curious before, but it seems like Miss Yin isn't willing to answer me. Moreover, on second thought, your being here doesn't affect me much. We're not even close enough to know what we're doing, so I don't think I need to know," Lu Manman said very calmly.

But Yin Lanyi was fuming.

She looked at Lu Manman angrily and growled, "I'm having a meal with Mo Yuanxiu alone."

With that, she picked up her bag and left angrily.

Dinner alone?!

It was none of her business.

During this period of time.

It had been almost two weeks since the start of the marketing plan. She could not seem to remember how many times she and Mo Yuanxiu had met under the same roof. Most of the time, when she went back, Mo Yuanxiu was already asleep. When she got out of bed, he might still be sleeping, or he might have gone missing. Anyway, there were few opportunities to meet.

She pursed her lips and left the washroom.

She suddenly stopped in her tracks.

In the corridor not too far away, she saw Ye Heng.

Ye Heng seemed to have drunk a little and was in a good mood as he staggered along the corridor.

He looked up and seemed to confirm that it was Lu Manman. He smiled and said in a drunken voice, "Madam Mo, what a coincidence."

Lu Manman walked over and looked at the luxurious private room. "Is Mo Yuanxiu inside?"

"How did you know?"

"I met Yin Lanyi." Hence, Yin Lanyi's so-called meal alone…

It was just to agitate her.

If they were really alone, she wouldn't have said it out loud!

What if she barged in and ruined their plans?!

Yin Lanyi was not that stupid either!

"When love rivals meet, do they fight?" Ye Heng asked curiously.

Lu Manman looked at Ye Heng. "What was Mo Yuanxiu's relationship with Yin Lanyi in the past?"

"You want to know?"


"If you want to know…" Ye Heng raised his voice, but before he could finish, a low male voice sounded from behind her.

"Ask me if you want to know."

Lu Manman looked up.

Ye Heng turned around and saw Mo Yuanxiu appear behind him.

Ye Heng smiled and left.

Only Mo Yuanxiu and Lu Manman were left in the corridor.

The two of them looked at each other.

Mo Yuanxiu smiled. "Miss Lu, should I say 'long time no see'?"

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