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Seeing Li Yong walking to the street to take a taxi again, Zhang Yurong walks quickly, hands him the car key and says with a smile, "Xiaoyong, you can drive the car away! It's also convenient for you to come back."

"No, I don't think it's convenient to drive. Not only because there are traffic jams on the roads, but sometimes I can't find the parking place. Even if I find the parking s.p.a.ce, it's a little far from where I want to go. I still have to walk a long way. It's better to take a taxi. I can get off at the entrance of the place where I want to go." Li Yong laughs.

Zhang Yurong fully agrees with Li Yong. There are too many cars nowadays and there are often traffic jams on the roads.

The last time she drove home, she was stuck in a traffic jam for more than two hours. Zhang Yurong puts the key away, suddenly pulls Li Yong's arm and says shyly, "If you don't leave tonight, come to me."

"Yurong, what's wrong with you? If you have something, you can say it now." Li Yong feels that he can't come at night.

Zhang Yurong's beautiful face becomes ruddier. She lowers her head and says with infinite shyness, "I miss you very much." After saying this, she looks at a part of Li Yong's body intentionally or unintentionally with her big eyes. It seems that she has been looking forward to it for a long time.

Li Yong is suddenly enlightened. He looks at Zhang Yurong carefully. Zhang Yurong wears boots and breeches today, which make her slim and graceful. Her attractive legs wrapped in stockings above her knees are so s.e.xy that he wants to touch them.

Zhang Yurong wears a waistcoat and the zipper is open. Her chest is plump and spectacular. Especially under Li Yong's gaze, when Zhang Yurong takes a deep breath, her plump chest is like an inflated balloon, obviously enlarging a circle. Li Yong is dizzy and his heart beats violently. He makes a decision immediately.

Ignoring the taxi parked in front of him, Li Yong grabs Zhang Yurong's hand and goes into the clinic.

"Xiaoyong, what are you doing?" Zhang Yurong is afraid of other people's strange eyes. She wants to pull her hand out.

However, Li Yong grabs her tightly. He goes straight to the stairs and goes upstairs. He also laughs and says, "Yurong, what do you think I want? Don't you miss me very much? I want to make love with you now."

"I have to go to work." Zhang Yurong is very ashamed.

"I'll give you half a day off." Then Li Yong quickens his steps and takes Zhang Yurong directly to the fourth floor. He wants to go to his room. But when he thinks that his room is unused and his bedding is not complete, he asks, "Which room are you in, Yurong?"

"Look at your anxious look. Haven't you married Ms. Han? She's so beautiful. Don't you use the way I taught you?" Zhang Yurong says as she walks forward and opens her door.

Zhang Yurong's room is clean and tidy, even the quilts are neatly folded. There is a faint scent of jasmine in the room, which makes Li Yong refreshing.

As soon as Li Yong enters the room, he embraces Zhang Yurong from behind and kisses Zhang Yurong's long neck.

Zhang Yurong laughs and asks, "How long has it been since you touched a woman? Can't Ms. Han satisfy you? Then why don't you come to me? Do you know I miss you so much that I can't sleep?"

Zhang Yurong turns around and suddenly embraces Li Yong. She kisses Li Yong on his mouth with her red hot lips. Moreover, her hands lift Li Yong's coat and stroke Li Yong's strong back.

They kiss and fall on the bed. When their lips are separated, Zhang Yurong pants and says, "Today, I'll teach you a new trick..."

An hour later, Li Yong and Zhang Yurong come out of the bathroom wet together. After a new experience, Li Yong learns a new way to make women happier.

Li Yong would like to try all the tricks and postures on Han Lu. However, Han Lu is not interested in talking to him now. What should he do? Even if he tries, Han Lu will not cooperate with him.

s.e.x is a gift from G.o.d. Only when both of them devote themselves wholeheartedly can they discover the greatest pleasure and get the greatest satisfaction. Only when Li Yong gets Han Lu's heart first can he unlock all kinds of postures.

But it is not easy to get the heart of a beautiful woman like Han Lu. Li Yong finds that there is a long way to go.

After dressing neatly, Li Yong and Zhang Yurong satisfactorily open the door and walk out.

"Boss, are you making too much noise? Do you know that you just disturbed others? The whole building was shaking like an earthquake." Tian Baiqing stands in front of the door with her arms around her chest and her back is against the wall. She looks at Li Yong and Zhang Yurong with her bright eyes and says angrily.

Zhang Yurong blushes and hides behind Li Yong in a hurry. Li Yong is also embarra.s.sed. He was so excited just now that he didn't think anyone may be listening on the other side of the wall. "Have you been listening here for over an hour?" He asks.

Tian Baiqing hums and says, "I don't have so much leisure time."

"When did you come?" Li Yong asks.

"Two hours ago." Tian Baiqing looks at the time on her mobile phone and says faintly.

Li Yong is surprised. Has he stayed in the room with Zhang Yurong for more than two hours? So it's not lunchtime now. Li Yong takes out his mobile phone and sees that it is already afternoon. He roughly estimates that he and Zhang Yurong has been making love for three hours.

It did take some time from foreplay to experiencing new tricks, then bathing and dressing. But Tian Baiqing has been listening outside the door. Li Yong can't accept it but he also can't question Tian Baiqing.

"Why are you here?" Li Yong feels guilty and asks softly. At this time, Zhang Yurong also calms down. She comes out from behind Li Yong, looks at Tian Baiqing and asks, "What's wrong with you?"

"Of course I have something to do! Boss, is there something wrong with the second level of the mental cultivation method you wrote to me? Why can't I practice?" Tian Baiqing asks worriedly.

It is for this reason. No wonder Tian Baiqing always blinked at him during the meeting, which made him think that there was something wrong with Tian Baiqing's eyes. He saw through her eyes and found nothing unusual, so he ignored.

Li Yong takes over the record book of the mental cultivation method handed over by Tian Baiqing. Li Yong reads it carefully and says, "It's no problem."

"Then why can't I practice?" Tian Baiqing is more worried. After completing the first level of practice, she quickly strengthened her strength. She was overjoyed and thought that she could quickly practice into the second level and have a more powerful strength.

Unexpectedly, the second level is very difficult. She has been practicing for several days without progress.

"There are many reasons for that. For example, your method of practice is not right. Maybe you are eager to achieve, resulting in that your mind can't be calm and you can't enter the self-forgetting practice. Moreover, practice is not achieved overnight. You must persevere and work hard for a long time if you want to succeed. But you only practice for a few days and you want to achieve great success, which is impossible."

Li Yong says patiently. He is still looking forward to Tian Baiqing's potential.

"But why did I practice so fast in the first level?" Tian Baiqing is puzzled.

Li Yong ponders and finds out the reason. It turns out that Tian Baiqing is not a genius in practice. He laughs and says, "You have a good foundation. You seemed to have practiced since you were a child. If you keep practicing for years, you will succeed even without the mental cultivation method to help you cultivate your internal strength. The first level of the mental cultivation method is the entry level, which is relatively simple and only plays a guiding role. The second level is more complicated. You have to understand patiently and don't rush to succeed. I'm sure you'll get something soon."

Tian Baiqing realizes something and nods her head.

Beside them, Zhang Yurong is puzzled. She can't help asking, "Xiaoyong, what are you talking about?"

Li Yong doesn't explain because he feels that the more he explains to Zhang Yurong, the more puzzled Zhang Yurong might be. He grabs Zhang Yurong's hand and as he walks to the stairs, he says, "Yurong, let's have lunch."

As soon as Li Yong and Zhang Yurong leave, Tian Baiqing immediately runs to Yang Changkong's consulting room. After Yang Changkong prescribes a prescription for a patient, she says, "Eldest Brother, I have asked Li Yong. He said there is no problem with this mental cultivation method. It's because I'm too anxious for success. I'll practice for some time to see if there's any progress."

Yang Changkong touches his goatee and says thoughtfully, "Grandmaster said that he had good roots. He couldn't deceive you, so you can trust him for the time being. When you succeed in your practice, you will have tasks to do."

"What task?" Tian Baiqing asks curiously.

"You'll know then." Yang Changkong says faintly.

"Eldest Brother, just tell me. Please..." Tian Baiqing begins to pester him.

Yang Changkong sighs heavily and says, "Practicing with him by having s.e.x with him to help him achieve success."

"What? Practicing with him by having s.e.x? No, I don't want it." Tian Baiqing's pretty face immediately turns red. She remembers the madness between Li Yong and Zhang Yurong just now. It lasted more than an hour. How can she stand it?

Moreover, Li Yong already has other women. In her opinion, she will suffer losses.

Yang Changkong also doesn't want his most beautiful junior sister apprentice to be taken advantage of by Li Yong. He sighs again and says, "This is the idea of our grandmaster. It is for this reason that our grandmaster let our master accept you as an apprentice. Otherwise, you are still an ordinary woman. It is impossible for you to understand that there is another world hidden in this world."

"My G.o.d! They plotted against me." Tian Baiqing is decadent and very sad.

"It's not a machination. If you practice with him by having s.e.x, although he can make great achievements in practice, you will also become stronger. You will become stronger together. This is your opportunity so you must seize it." Yang Changkong gently advises.

"But he already has other women." Tian Baiqing sighs. She doesn't look down upon Li Yong. In her eyes, Li Yong is not ugly and very friendly. He is also a trustworthy person. She just feels that this thing is very awkward.

"Which strong man does not have a group of women?" Yang Changkong envies and says.

Their master has dozens of women who can get along well and are living in harmony on an overseas island. Their grandmaster is even more powerful. It is said that he has hundreds of women. But they have been driven away by their grandmaster's jealous wife. Their grandmaster always wants to find those women back, but he is too old to travel far easily.

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