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Published at 9th of July 2019 11:49:27 PM Chapter 93
Chapter 93 I Won’t Talk and I Will See What You Can Do

“The king called me to visit the mountains . I go around the world . I beat my drums and knock my gongs . Life is full of rhythm . . . ” Li Yong hasn’t found the rhythm of the song yet when Han Lu’s phone rings .

Han Lu finds that the phone call is from Han Dongtao, and then she hurriedly whispers, “Don’t make any noise . It’s my father . ”

Li Yong thinks that his father-in-law doesn’t call early or late . Why does he call at this critical time? His father-in-law is too naughty .

“Lu, I want to tell you a thing after thinking for a long time . ” Han Dongtao’s voice comes out from the phone and his tone seems somewhat serious .

“Dad, you just say . ” Han Lu pushes Li Yong aside, sits up quickly and says earnestly .

“You should have a baby for Li Yong as soon as possible, the sooner the better . ”

“Wow, my father-in-law knows me well!” Li Yong thinks smugly, “But it’s not the right time for you to call . Otherwise, maybe I have started the campaign of creating a baby . Maybe Han Lu will be pregnant in an hour or so . ”

Seeing Li Yong holding back his complacent smile and opening his mouth silently, Han Lu is so shy that she glares at Li Yong . Her cheeks become redder and she keeps silent .

Han Dongtao continues to say, “Lu, you must keep his heart . You can make him exhausted at home and serve him comfortably to keep him from going out to find other women . ”

“Finding other women?” Han Lu’s face darkens and she squints dangerously . She looks at Li Yong and sees that Li Yong’s mouth has closed . Li Yong’s face is full of joy and sorrow . But his sorrow becomes more evident . It seems that there is an overwhelming tendency for his sorrow to occupy his whole face .

“Dad! You can’t be so harmful to your son-in-law! You say that we should have a child, but do you know what you said will make us have no motivation and mood to have a child?”

When Li Yong complains in his heart, Han Dongtao goes on to say, “I saw him and Wu Yuting stay together this afternoon . They bought a lot of things . You can’t push him into other women’s arms . ”

Hearing this, Li Yong nods fiercely, “Yes! It is she who pushed me into the arms of other women . My wife is just in name . Although in the eyes of relatives and friends, she is my wife . But she doesn’t allow me to touch her! She doesn’t do her duty as my wife . It’s great for my father-in-law to look at the problem thoroughly with sharp eyes . ”

Han Dongtao continues, “We managed to squeeze out Wu’s Pharmaceutical Group . Our company is ushering in a new development opportunity . But now Wu Yuting and Li Yong are close . Who knows what the Wu Family is up to? Who knows if Li Yong will betray us? We have to guard against him!”

After hearing this, Li Yong’s forehead suddenly sweats . His father-in-law really has too many minds!

“So, Lu, you listen to me . You must . . . ”

Li Yong can’t listen anymore . His father-in-law is pushing him into the pit of fire . He can’t help shouting, “Dad . ”

Han Dongtao’s voice suddenly changes and he smiles awkwardly . Then he says in a softer voice and gentle tone, “Li Yong is beside you! I will hang up first! There’s something else waiting for me . ”

After Han Dongtao hangs up the phone, Han Lu still holds the phone and remains motionless for a long time .

But her cold expression, dark eyes and the chill emanating from her body make Li Yong worry . Li Yong feels that they can’t in a stalemate, so he tries to say, “Darling . . . ”

At the same time, Han Lu also says, “Do you have an affair with Wu Yuting? Did you buy this gift for me while you were shopping with her? Now that you have other women, why are you still pestering me?”

Li Yong is speechless . He had the courage to admit it in front of Han Dongtao, but it is difficult to open his mouth in front of Han Lu .

“Darling, don’t misunderstand me . Listen to my explanation . . . ” Li Yong wants to explain but he doesn’t know how to explain it . He is pathetic because he even can’t tell a lie!

Should he tell the truth about him and Wu Yuting? In that case, Han Lu will be angrier .

“Get out . ” Han Lu points out the door . She doesn’t want to hear Li Yong deceive her .

Li Yong knows that Han Lu is very angry now . At this time, he can’t explain clearly . He has to stand up and go downstairs .

After returning to his room, Li Yong opens his clairvoyant vision and looks at Han Lu’s room through the ceiling .

Fortunately, Han Lu is calm without crying or making any noise . She just sits on the edge of the bed and she is in a daze motionlessly . Li Yong looks at her cold look and feels that Han Lu is cute .

At this time, Li Yong’s mobile phone suddenly rings . It’s Han Dongtao . Now Li Yong is full of complaints about his father-in-law . How could Han Lu be angry with him if Han Dongtao hadn’t told Han Lu this thing?

“Dad . ” Li Yong calls him in a weak voice .

“Xiaoyong, did you quarrel with Lu?” Han Dongtao asks .

“What do you think?” Li Yong says .

“You can coax her . All couples who want to be together forever have to go through lots of hardships . It’s not a big deal . I believe you can coax Lu well . ”

“Dad, can you teach me how to coax?” Li Yong thinks that Han Dongtao is very experienced .

Han Dongtao laughs, “You are so smart . Do you need me to teach you?”

Li Yong also laughs . After chatting, they hang up the phone .

Li Yong looks again at Han Lu’s room . He sees that Han Lu is already lying on the bed without covering the quilt or taking off her clothes and shoes . She has fallen asleep .

Li Yong is worried . He creeps upstairs and gently pushes the door open . He takes off Han Lu’s shoes, puts her two long legs on the bed and covers her with blankets . He doesn’t take off Han Lu’s clothes so as not to wake her up .

Seeing the black toxins in her chest showing signs of breaking through the circle of her internal strength, Li Yong takes out the silver needle and treats Han Lu again .

After Li Yong stops when he is sweating and exhausted, he feels weak .

“I hope you can understand what I have done silently for you . ” He looks at Han Lu’s beautiful face and murmurs .

Li Yong returns to his room again and begins practicing . The next morning, Li Yong looks at Han Lu’s room again with his clairvoyant vision and sees that Han Lu has woken up and is standing in front of the windowsill and looking at the morning of the city .

After a night of practice, Li Yong also calms down . He walks into the kitchen, cooks pancakes and health porridge in person and puts them on the table properly . Then he goes upstairs, knocks on Han Lu’s door gently and shouts, “Darling, I have made breakfast for you specially . Come out to eat . ”

Han Lu remains motionless and continues to look at the scenery out of the window, seemingly thinking of something .

“Darling, it’s time for breakfast . ”

Li Yong keeps shouting . At last, Han Lu turns around and comes over . Her calm expression is the same as that of a nun attending the ceremony . She opens the door and glances at Li Yong as if she is looking at some tables and chairs .

She walks past Li Yong and comes downstairs . Instead of eating the breakfast Li Yong has made, Han Lu orders the housemaid to make a new one . Then she sits at the table and waits for her breakfast .

Li Yong tries many times to communicate with Han Lu but Han Lu occasionally looks at him as if she is looking at the air . From beginning to end, she doesn’t say anything with Li Yong, even a word .

Women’s cold war is terrible . Li Yong feels that Han Lu has become a piece of cold ice, 10,000 below zero . Li Yong’s spiritual consciousness has been frozen into crystals .

Li Yong’s smiling face lasts for more than two hours and he can’t keep it any longer . He thinks that as his wife, Han Lu doesn’t let him touch her, but she blames him for touching other women . Is it fair?

“Darling, can you say something? You can fart, okay? I want to hear your voice . I need you to respond to me . You can give me a warm eye or a weak gesture . You can beat me and scold me, which are better than not saying a word . ” Li Yong says angrily .

However, Han Lu still remains silent . After having breakfast, she stands up and goes to the living room . Then she turns on her laptop, links the printer and prints several forms of doc.u.ments . She takes the doc.u.ments in her hand and reads them . Then she staples them with a stapler and throws them to Li Yong .

Li Yong turns the doc.u.ments over and sees that it is a plan for the construction of the base of medicinal materials . Even the types and acres of medicinal materials to be planted are clearly planned . These medicinal materials are used by the factories of Wu’s Group .

“Are you asking me to rent 1,000 mu of land and plant these medicinal materials?” Li Yong asks knowingly, “What will you do if I leave? Your illness has not been completely cured and will recur . I need to cure you first and then I will leave safely . Well, you give me a few more days to do some preparatory work . ”

Seeing that Han Lu is still silent, Li Yong thinks that Han Lu has agreed . In Li Yong’s view, as long as he recovers for a few days and treats Han Lu once again, Han Lu will be completely well .

At this time, Li Yong remembers Han Fei who is always sunny . He thinks that Han Fei is better than Han Lu .

Then Li Yong stops asking for trouble . He goes to the Yong Kang Clinic and calls all the employees to have a meeting . Only then do some of the employees know that the owner of the clinic is this very young man .

After telling some things, Li Yong tells Liu Lingyin and Zhang Yurong that he will leave for some time .

Liu Lingyin laughs and says, “You can be a.s.sured to do your things! Doctor Yang can help me in the clinic now . Everything is in order . We will report to you every month . ”

Doctor Yang, who Liu Lingyin said, is Yang Changkong with a goatee and a pair of gla.s.ses . He brought a set of working methods and management methods . Liu Lingyin applied the methods of work and management he provided and the work in the clinic has become more and more orderly and handy . The clinic is no longer as busy and messy as it used to be .

When Li Yong says goodbye to Zhang Yurong, Zhang Yurong is very unwilling . She proposes to follow Li Yong to build the base of medicinal materials . She wants to accompany Li Yong and she is even willing to be a peasant woman .

Li Yong refuses because Zhang Yurong has to take charge of the accounts in the clinic . If someone else takes charge of the accounts, he will not be at ease . Zhang Yurong also takes care of the house property being built . In case that something happens, she can handle it in time .

After arranging all the things, Li Yong decides to go back to the villa of the Han Family to practice . He wants to recover his internal strength and cure Han Lu as soon as possible . He also wants to complete Han Lu’s task and reconcile with Han Lu as soon as possible .

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