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When he went back to his seat with the tray, he saw that He Jin's expression had already eased a lot. In fact, he was quite weak in the face of Qin Yu.

After receiving the prune juice from Qin Yu, He Jin wondered, "how is it possible that there's only one gla.s.s of it?"

Qin Yu pointed to the automatic beverage machine which was far away, "I got myself a 7-up."

He Jin was speechless, Qin Yu was really obsessed with 7-up!

Before 6 pm that day, Fire sent a message to He Jin, "wifey, when are you getting online?"

He Jin was a bit confused. After that night, he hasn't made up his mind as to how to face Fire…

"Don't you have to do broadcast anymore?" He Jin replied.

Fire, "I've been doing recording, not live, sometimes the website wants me to go there for a task, but my time is relatively flexible."

Ah Jin, "Oh…then I'll come at 8 pm."

Fire, "that late…"

Ah Jin, "it's almost the term exam, and I have to study."

Although he said it like that, he couldn't stop himself from missing Fire. When it was just about 7 pm, he wanted to get online already. He put aside the study materials on his desk and checked whether Fire was there. If he weren't, then he'd resume studying.

When he put on his helmet and logged on to the game, He Jin opened his eyes and saw Fire lying beside him!

Right, they were still in the husband and wife room, Fire fixed his gaze on Ah Jin, "you're here? You're earlier than expected."

He Jin almost screamed out of surprise. He quickly got up from the bed and panicked, "how come you're here too?"

Fire looked at how shy he was, and said jokingly, "what a coincidence, right? I just got online a while ago, and here you are."

With a reddened face, He Jin walked outside of the room and Fire followed him. When the two stepped out, there was an alert, "you've succeeded in sleeping together. This has increased your spiritual values by 1000 points!"

He Jin's mouth twitched, so this is it? He turned around and looked at the room, only to see that its decoration had turned instantly to a light yellow color…so there was only one night? Well…

Anyway, even when they were offline, it seemed that the 'sleeping together' action could also be done, he just had no idea what the spiritual values could do to him…

After going downstairs, He Jin went to look at his own land. The new seeds became mature. He collected the green beans and cotton, and sprinkled some new sorghum seeds.

Fire followed him step by step, and He Jin was still chaotic. He turned back and asked, "why are you following me everywhere?"

Fire was like seeing him for the first time. He looked at He Jin from head to toe, before fixing his gaze on his abdomen and cautiously asked, "are you feeling any different?"

He Jin really wanted to crawl and hide in a hole!

"No!" What the h.e.l.l, what else did he expect him to answer? It's not a real pregnancy! Could he not constantly remind him about that night?

Seeing that he's kind of p.i.s.sed off, Fire dared not speak any further; he changed the topic, "what you do want to play next? Let me accompany you."

"Are you not going to practice PK today?" After a certain period, He Jin's PK skills have significantly improved. When fighting with Fire, He Jin could take away half of his blood!

Fire frowned, "I'd rather not, during this period."

He Jin: "…"

Fire, "alright then, let's practice for a while."

Qin Yu had already made up his mind, he wasn't going to use all of his strength, and it's ok just to let He Jin kill him…he said "transformation", yet there were no changes on He Jin. After a while, he said "transformation" again, and He Jin was staying the same!

Even He Jin noticed something weird, "what's going on?"

Fire, "wait.", then he flew to Phoenix Island and asked the Weaver Girl, who gave him the answer - that is, after becoming pregnant, the fairy could only stay as a human being in seven days.

…so he got pregnant!

Fire was scared and surprised at the same time. He knew exactly that it was just a game, yet he was thrilled like a fool. After flying back home, he was so happy that he held Ah Jin in the air and kissed him, "you're pregnant!"

He Jin's brain was blank at this moment. It was…unbelievable!

How could a guy accept the fact that he's got pregnant?!

In the following days, Fire showed Ah Jin the greatest love and tolerance for his wife. He took him to see all kinds of scenery, showed him a lot of fireworks in the game. After that, he always sent him messages to wish him good night and good morning. Sometimes, he even asked for his address, and when He Jin asked him what it's for, he answered, "because I want to send you something good to eat."

Ah Jin, "this is enough!"

…Ah Jin felt that the intelligence level of Fire had dropped to zero!

After a week, When He Jin got online, he felt a certain discomfort with his stomach. He thought that such a feeling came from reality, and he was going to get offline and go to the bathroom. But once he took off his helmet, such a feeling was gone.

With suspicion, He Jin logged in to the game again, and he felt bloated in his stomach again. Oh my G.o.d…is he going to give birth or what?     

He Jin was blushing and was utterly overwhelmed. It seemed that he knew where to go, he stepped into the husband and wife room and shut the door.

"Ah Jin!" After noticing the change of He Jin, Fire followed him.

 "Don't come in!" He Jin snorted.


He Jin went back to his bed, and he looked at the round, white thing that he just "pulled out" from himself…what is this, a giant egg?

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