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068. Don’t Have Time Now

He Jin didn't know whether he was being bullied, but this domineering and ruthless Qin Yu somehow reminded him of Fire; of that man's demonic image when he killed him in the game's arena.

The resemblance was uncanny.

The sourness in his heart was even more uncomfortable than the physical exhaustion he was feeling. He Jin reckoned he deserved this, because even though he owed Fire, he still said those words to him in the game. Which was why now that he was being beaten by Qin Yu, he felt relieved instead, accepting it like it was his punishment.

He dropped his head, and after a moment, saw Qin Yu put his racket beside him before turning away.

He Jin suddenly panicked. His eyes followed Qin Yu's retreating figure, guessing where the man was heading, but Qin Yu merely went to the automatic vending machine not far from where they were playing.

Qin Yu brought back two cans of 7up, threw one to him, then crouched down, long arms bracing against the ground, before plopping down to sit by He Jin's side.

He Jin clutched the cold can, staring as Qin Yu easily opened his can and threw his head back to sip the drink. The man's Adam’s apple bobbed, the sweat on his neck glistened under the light, making him appear oh-so-very handsome and sensual.

He Jin didn't know why he suddenly thought of the word “sensual”. With a jerk, he turned his eyes away, his heart jumping like crazy once again…

The two of them sat in silence. Qin Yu also didn't speak, he was frowning a little, seemingly lost in thought.

Now that he had calmed down, Qin Yu could understand why Ah Jin said those words in the game. If He Jin really was heteros.e.xual, he would of course resent being touched by someone of the same-gender. It was normal for him to dislike being treated with intimacy by another man…

But he just couldn't bring himself to not start anything; he couldn't just give up. Since the moment in the infirmary when he became aware of the man's ident.i.ty, there was a voice in his head telling him- that's right, Qin Yu, this person is the one, do not let him go.

He approached him smoothly, became friends with him, got his trust and became close to him. All was done step by step 'til now. Qin Yu thought everything was in control, he even occasionally felt that He Jin liked him, but he never expected He Jin to suddenly make such a move…

Qin Yu crushed the empty can in his hand, his expression lost.

He Jin, who was also absent-minded, was currently thinking of Fire. His mind wandered to Fire's words before he kissed him – “You can't think about it”-. Somehow this one sentence made the man seem like an unreasonable child, He Jin couldn't help but feel a headache coming… Now that he thought about it, Fire immediately sent him that ME message right after he went offline, so seems like the other man also followed him offline…

But when He Jin sent out the message saying he wanted to calm down, Fire didn't reply anymore…

Is the purpose of this quiet time to calm myself or to hurt him?

He Jin started his smart bracelet's projection and opened ME, scrolling back to the notification of the received 800 yuan given by the other guy last night.

Qin Yu's left wrist flashed a bit. He Jin didn't notice anything and sent a message: “I still can't accept your money. I've returned it to you, don't give it back to me. We'll talk in the game at night.”

Qin Yu's left wrist flashed once again. This time He Jin was surprised, but Qin Yu moved his wrist, using his body to block his sight…

This move seemed too deliberate, like he was dodging on purpose, which left He Jin slightly baffled. However,  before he could ponder about it, Qin Yu suddenly asked: “Want to play another game? I won't ‘ bully you this time."

He Jin: “…”

He Jin was still feeling somewhat doubtful at first, but once they began, sure enough Qin Yu did just as he promised and did not bully him. The ball the man returned was easy for He Jin to receive. After rallying for about four or five times, He Jin slowly regained a little confidence.

This round lasted for more than half an hour. After it ended, a small smile finally bloomed on He Jin's face; he felt somehow comforted. He did not deliberately show it, yet Qin Yu could see it clearly.

Qin Yu suddenly got an urge to reach out and rub his head, or even more so, to hug and kiss him.  But as his mind replayed the words He Jin said in the game, his mood sank down once again.

Near dinner time, they packed their things and went directly to the cafeteria to eat. Then, they parted ways to go to their respective dormitories. Qin Yu finally had the opportunity to see the message on his smart bracelet, sure enough it was from He Jin.

However after reading the content, Qin Yu smiled bitterly.

He did not reply and merely slammed the smart bracelet on the table, before taking a change of clothes and went into the bathroom to take a bath. When he came out, he found that He Jin had sent him two more messages-

Ah Jin: “You there?”

Ah Jin: “Are you angry?”

So you know that I’ll be angry? The corners of Qin Yu's mouth raised. While wiping his hair, he slowly replied: “Didn't you say you want to calm yourself? Are you done?”

Ah Jin: “…”

Ah Jin: “You didn't read my messages."

Qin Yu sighed in his heart to the point of almost having an internal injury… What do you want me to do when you were the one who wanted to "calm down"?

Ah Jin: “Fire, I don't hate you, also don't necessarily want to divorce, but can we keep a little distance in physical contact?”

Qin Yu wanted to reply to him–but I like you, I can’t not touch you!

But he was afraid that saying such a thing would scare this coward so much that he'd stop playing the game, so with a heavy heart, he could only choose to compromise - trying to negotiate.

Fire: “How much distance are you talking about? A metre? Two meters?'

Ah Jin: “Well, the distance between normal males…”

Fire: “Can’t kiss and hug?”

Ah Jin: “Yeah …”

Fire: “Holding hands?”

Feeling that the other side was willing to compromise, He Jin was afraid of making Fire angry if his own requirements were too much. He also backed down a little, “Holding hands occasionally is fine, but I'm still not used to calling you ‘ husband ‘…”

Fire: “Then call me master?”

Ah Jin: “… Can’t I just call you Fire?"

Fire: “I really want to beat you!”

Ah Jin: “…” (=_=)

Fire: “Fine, any other conditions?”

Ah Jin: “No more.”

Fire: “Come online."

He Jin: “……”

He Jin wore his helmet and was greeted by the colourful Choifung Island. Fire stood in front of him, his expression dark…

Fire: “Go to the arena.”

He Jin: “…” As expected, I have to get beaten up. (=_=)

Fire immediately flew away after saying that. For once, he didn't take He Jin to ride alongside him, he also didn't turn him into a ferret and hug him in his bosom before taking off.

He Jin felt a little lonely, but this was his own choice, so he could only grit his teeth and swallow this reality.

He summoned his mount to bring him to the arena. Because he felt guilty, He Jin was now ready to be abused. If in the past he would feel very depressed when killed in PK, this time he instead hoped for abuse from Fire, as if this could make his heart feel better…

At eight o'clock, Copenhagen Dazs and Flower Yiyi held their wedding. The game was very lively, all messages in the world channel were related to this topic. The horn message board was also full of blessing words, but Fire did not spare any glance at it.

Until Dead Water came online. Upon getting the news of Flower Yiyi's marriage, he sent a message to Fire: “You are Master and Apprentice ah, she is getting married, don't you want to see it?”

Fire: “I'm abusing my wife in the arena, I don't have time now. I'll be free in a while.”

Dead Water: “…”

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