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043. Building Home

Although He Jin understood Fire's intention, he still felt the same as those players in the world channel… The world of the rich, is something I won't understand.
He Jin has no money, and though he knew that in the long run buying land would bring steady gain of income, he still couldn't partic.i.p.ate in it because this matter involved real money (after all, very few people could earn 10 million gold coins in the game, most of them have it through the conversion of RMB). And since Fire had promised Ah Jin to not involve reality in the game, he also did not encourage the other boy to buy land for himself. He wasn't greedy, as long as the money he earned in the game could be used to support the two of them, then it was enough.

Fire chose to buy eight pieces of land in the main towns of Ordinary Realm and Celestial Realm, while he kept the last two lands left to build a home for himself and Ah Jin- yes, this was their original intention after hearing Weaver Girl's explanation about couple index. Actually, since they were husband and wife, and also to keep the roleplay as close as possible to the real world, of course they had to have “the same room” as well in the house!

Fire asked Ah Jin: “Where do you want to build our home?”

He Jin was reminded of this matter by him and said embarra.s.singly: “Do you really want to build a home? This land is so expensive, if you only use it to build a home… That’s not worth it. "

Fire raised his eyebrow: “How can it not be worth it, we are a married couple, of course we need things like a home.”

Ah Jin: “…”

He Jin bit his lips and thought: this game's moral shouldn't really be so low, right? Nothing will happen even though we have the “same room”, right?

Even if the house was built, their stay inside the house should only be a symbolic thing, and since it was Fire's wish… he would fulfill it…

Fire urged him: "Where? The Ordinary world or Celestial? Pick a place you like."

Ah Jin: “You choose, I'll follow your decision.”

Fire: “Wife, I'll decide for things outside the household, but you have to decide for things involving our family matter, do not shirk your responsibility.”

He Jin: “…..” Boy, you really can talk! ( ̄_ ̄ )

Since they were playing Demon G.o.d, they should just enjoy the fun experience of being immortal, as well as living in the world like a mortal, no need to think so much about it.

The two men once again sat on Poor Flame, hovering over the celestial sky for a while.

Celestial has three main cities: Heavenly Palace, Deep Pool, and Double Moons. However, there were too many players going in and out of those cities, so they weren't suitable for housing. In Floating Island, the most famous Immortal Island was a leveling ground, there were mostly mobs there, making it also unsuitable. There were only two places which He Jin felt good about, one was the Peach Forest, and the second was Ninth Heaven Waterfall.

These two places were not far from each other and both were connected to the land mission's and the next dungeon's locations. They only have a few NPCs, surrounded by beautiful views and quiet environment, truly a really good place to build homes in. However, the Peach Forest was more attractive to young couples, there would often be many couples coming here every month. On the other hand, Ninth Heaven Waterfall streamed down a mountain which led directly to Lingxi Lake at the boundary of Ordinary Realm. The waterfall flowed continuously all year around, giving it a more celestial feeling.

In the end, He Jin chose the latter. In addition to its pure beauty, he also had another reason- Ninth Heaven Waterfall was the land of tea fairy Lu Lu. It faced thousands of acres of tea plantations, he could use it for farming too!

When they were still playing Spirit Fairy eight years ago, He Jin actually would have liked to make his own blood-recovery food. Of course, to be able to cook, the players would also have to collect raw materials, and most players used their own field's output as their largest source. However by the time He Jin learned of these skills, he did not have time to delve into it because he was soon forcibly stopped from playing games by his parents. So now that he was back in this game, He Jin was so ready to pick up these skills, be it farming, cooking, or making medicine!

Fire did not raise objections to his decision, He merely took the remaining two coupons and called the Land Lord. When He Jin saw this, he was surprised: “Why did you exchange for two pieces?”

When they bought the land in the main city, Fire had found out that each land area was only about 20 or so squares. This wasn't a keyboard game where you could just use a small storefront just fine as long as you could find an NPC with ability to grant unlimited s.p.a.ce. In holographic state, the players themselves would be able to feel the s.p.a.ce in this world in person.

A piece of land in non-primary cities was about 60 squares. Fire had thought about it, if they were to build a house and divided it into two floors, it would still feel a little small. So he simply used two land coupons, just in case his measurement was right.

Fire pointed to one part of the land and said: “One piece is for the building, while the other one is for farmland.”

He Jin asked strangely: “Do you want to buy a farmland ah?”

The farms in the game have no rent price, they could be used to plant by any players for free. However, once the crop had matured, it might be taken away by other players if not collected soon.

Fire explained: "This farmland will be for your use alone. "

If a player bought the land, their planted vegetables would not be stolen by other people  as long as they build a fence around it.

Ah Jin: “…” h.e.l.lo and goodbye, Thefts! (=_=)

Then, Fire called the NPC in charge of construction. He and Ah Jin discussed for a bit and later decided to make a two story small villa- the first floor would be used for living room, and filled with equipment for cooking and making medicine; the second floor would be used for their bedroom; and the third floor was the terrace. The piece of farmland was also divided into two halves, one half was for He Jin to plant vegetables, while the other half would be planted with a peach tree. They planned to prepare a set of a stone table and chairs there, creating a place for them to have tea chats with their guests. In total, the construction cost reached almost one hundred thousand gold coins!

He Jin's monetary view was already ruined by the game's money traps, however he was still reluctant to spend money as easy as wasting water like Fire. After all, this rich student had bought 10 pieces of land, and actually acted so careless for this "small' sum of money. (Qin Yu: All for the sake of having the same room!)

The NPC told them that the construction would take time for about seven days. They couldn't just pay the gold coins and have the house appear immediately, their requirements would have to be entered into the game's system first. After it was done, not only Fire and Ah Jin, but all Demon G.o.d players would be able to see their house.

Fire nodded in satisfaction and said: “For such little money, the worth is really a lot."

He Jin had been feeling helpless with him… whatever, as long as he likes it.

The two of them had spent quite a bit of time buying land and building their home, and because of the lack of couple index, they also couldn't do the hidden husband and wife task for a while.

He Jin took a look at the real world time showed in the game and was surprised- unexpectedly it was already midnight! He hurriedly said to Fire: “It is late already, time to sleep…” I didn't expect it to be so late!

Fire: “Will you come tomorrow?”

Tomorrow was Monday so Fire didn't have a live broadcast schedule, not that it really mattered though. Since today was holographic's opening day, Fire had announced in Flying Tour network that he would take a week break from broadcasting.

Ah Jin: "If there’s no urgent matter then I'll come. If not, then we can still chat in ME."

“Okay,” when He Jin was about to go offline, Fire suddenly took hold of his hand, and pulled him closer, “Come here, let me hug you.”

Ah Jin: “…”

Once again being put into the bosom of Fire, He Jin was still very nervous. However, maybe because they had spent all day getting along together, he did not feel embarra.s.sed by Fire's embrace this time, instead he actually felt a little impulse to hug the taller player back and pat his back gently.

“I'll wait for you tomorrow." Fire released him, then smirked: “Remember, you still have to call me 'husband'."

Ah Jin: “…” His face was finally turning as red as persimmon.

Fire smiled at him, then the two people standing in front of the construction site logged-out of the game together.

Proofread by: Eileen


So, late for a day I’m kinda in a lazy mood to TL last week. And these chapters (42&43) were soooo hard to translate. THOSE PLACES’ NAMES!!

I decided to translate the name of all the places in the game. Initially, I was going to keep their Pinyin names since they sound cool and all, but ugh in the end all those pinyin names confused me lol I couldn’t keep track of them >.>

So yeah, hurray to english-named places! 0/

– –

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