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I forgot to say this before, but better late than nothing.
Happy (late) new year guys!!

020. Online-Offline

He Jin thought for a while, and decided to give something in return.

He sent a message to Fire: "hj2000,********, this is my username and pa.s.sword in this game."


At first, Fire was startled, but soon, he burst out into a low laugh: "Why, are you really giving yourself to me, ah?"

Reading this, He Jin's face instantly turned hot. He really did not mean it like that ah...

In fact, for him, to be able to meet an "old friend" who he had not seen for eight years, and one who had become a First Ranking Master in the whole server at... it already felt like he won some big jackpot. And now, turned out that old friend actually still treated him so nicely, giving him a mount, sending him gold coins ... He was so generous, which left He Jin with a constant feeling of guilt.

For this reason, he unconsciously gave his user name and pa.s.sword to the other player. It was like a show of trust on his part. He also did this as a subtle way of telling Fire that-the gold coins you gave me were all put here, so if you want to take it back, you can still do it, even when I'm not online.

Although, soon after sending the message, He Jin also felt that he was being a little too impulsive. After all, his username and pa.s.sword were used for all of his online accounts, including emails, micro-blog, post bar, forum, etc. He Jin tried to comfort himself though, Fire doesn't know about this, so he shouldn't use this information to do anything strange... Right?

Fortunately, Fire didn't tease him anymore, saying seriously instead: "Okay then, when you are not online, I will use the 'follow' option, so that I can help you to level up."

He Jin felt a bit puzzled: "Is it really that urgent for me to start leveling? Can't I just take it slow?" He was more interested in knowing more about the process of playing the game, than the thrill of upgrading fastly.

Fire Ruthless: "It's not urgent, but maybe because I have been playing this game for a long time, so for me, doing system task is very boring. I think playing in a higher level is much more interesting. Also, don't forget that the holographic version will come out in 20days. After it comes out, the playing process will be completely different than it is now, so if you want to experience it, you might as well just experience it later."

What Fire said made sense. And honestly, He Jin was just considering himself before, he never stopped to think that Fire was a full-level player, so it must be very boring for him to continue accompanying He Jin doing those system tasks. Therefore, if they wanted to play together, the best option was for He Jin to quickly catch up with Fire as soon as possible.

Xiao Xian-Jin: "Okay, I'll listen to you. Let's hurry to upgrade my level."

The two of them then continued to do the tasks. Fire's efficiency was very high, so soon enough, He Jin could see his experience bar kept on rising, even though he was just following behind the other player's a.s.s like a full-time weevil... He suddenly felt like he was living a quite comfortable life. (=v=)

Just as he was enjoying Fire's heroic action, the said man suddenly turned around and pierced him with a sword.

〖System〗: You are dead.

He Jin: "......"

Xiao Xian-Jin: "Why did you kill me..."

Fire revived him, then answered calmly: "To increase our intimacy."





Xiao Xian-Jin: "What? You can increase intimacy by killing? What the h.e.l.l is this setting?"

"It's not intimacy in the game, but the real intimacy between us," Fire explained with a smile, "Actually, I just thought you looked so awfully comfortable there, so I wanted to make you feel a bit uncomfortable."

He Jin: "....." (= ___=)

Is this the old Fire? I certainly don't think so.

Spirit race cultivation was not the same as other races, their leveling rate had always been faster. In just one hour, He Jin was already upgraded from level 3 Spiritual Pet, to level 10. Fire said, according to this speed, they could rush to make him full-level before the opening of the holographic version. However, there would still be many things to do after he became full-level, such as honing his skill points, brushing his potential, looking for equipment; they would always have fun things to do.

He Jin took a look at the clock, and was surprised to find it's already 10 o'clock. He asked Fire: "What time do you usually sleep?"

Fire's reply came really fast: "Are you going to sleep?"

With so many things happened in this one night, He Jin's brain was actually still very excited: "No, I am just afraid I've been delaying you for too long... By the way, what about the live broadcast? You suddenly walked away before, will there be any problem? "

Fire Ruthless: "Don't worry about that."

Xiao Xian-Jin: "Don't do something like this again."

Fire Ruthless: "Eh?"

Xiao Xian-Jin: "I won't leave anymore, and I'll also come online often later... I saw it you know, you have a lot of fans, and they really like you. So if, because of me, you ditch your live broadcast again, I will feel guilty."

Fire Ruthless: "Oh, then you'd better adjust your online time to differ from my broadcast's schedule, otherwise I will be absent-minded the whole time."

Xiao Xian-Jin: "..."

"Your live broadcast is every Tuesday. Thursday, and Sat.u.r.day from 8 o'clock to 10, right? Then it's fine, I will be online every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night at seven or eight o'clock. But I have something to do next Wednesday evening, so I may not come online." He Jin noted each of their schedules carefully,

Fire Ruthless: "How about Sunday?"

Tomorrow is Sunday; He Jin thought to himself for a while and mentally confirmed that he had nothing to do tomorrow, so he said: "I will come tomorrow. It's okay if you are not free, I can play alone, just give me those stealth tickets."

Fire chuckled a bit: "I'll come too, I will wait for you tomorrow."

After confirming once again, they said good night to each other.


Qin Yu looked at the familiar grey Xiao Xian-Jin name in his friend list, his face filled with a trace of smug smile.

He took another computer, opened the "Demon G.o.d" game, entered Ah-Jin's username and pa.s.sword, and clicked Login...

A second later, a system message flashed on his own screen-

〖System〗: Your wife, "Xiao Xian-Jin" is online.

Qin Yu stared at that name on his friend list once again, it's no longer grey, but lit up instead. Qin Yu felt incredibly pleased.

A minute later, he withdrew from Ah-Jin's account.

10 seconds later, he landed on Ah Jin's again.

〖System〗: Your wife, "Xiao Xian-Jin" is online.

Qin Yu grinned, and a burst of happy laughter flowed out from his mouth. He was completely acting like a child who had just found his favorite toys.

Go online, then offline, online, offline, online, offline, he repeated this procedure over and over again.

For so many years, almost every time he went into the game, the one thing Qin Yu had always been looking forward to see was the flashing of this particular system prompt... Sometimes, he even wanted to find a hacker to steal Ah-Jin's account information, so that he could play it occasionally, and saw that name lit up, doing a self-deception to himself,,,

Until today, finally, he felt thoroughly happy. Watching this sentence came up again and again, the emptiness and pain in his heart, which had acc.u.mulated after eight years of waiting, also felt as if it had been cured a little.

Qin Yu did this for about seven or eight times, before he was finally satisfied. He then looked back at Ah Jin's username that he had written down before, hj2000—

Qin-Sherlock Holmes-Yu's Detective Brain began to operate-
"Ah Jin", the other player uses "Jin" as in-game name, so "HJ" is likely to be the initials of Ah Jin's real name, with Jin as the second character!

So, does it mean the first letter "H" is a surname? The commonly used "H" surnames are Hu, Hong, He, Han, Ho, Hao...

Is it Huang Jin? Hu Jin? Hong Jin? He Jin? Han Jin? Ho Jin? Hao Jin?

A few of those names sounded familiar to him, especially "Huang Jin", Qin Yu knew two persons with this name. In addition, there was a "He Jin" that he met at the lake tour this morning, a senior from his university. He did not know though, whether the "Jin" in his name was the same "Jin" as the one in Ah Jin.

[T/N: Qin Yu is talking about the chinese character, He Jin's in-game name uses the character 晋, but there are other characters that can be read as "Jin" as well.]

However, in the absence of sufficient evidence, he was reluctant to speculate too much...

Anyway, Qin Yu was not anxious, he still had time to find out.

Thinking of this, he put the note back on the table, then went to sleep with a very good mood.


Please note that english is not my first language, and this is not beta-ed, therefore there might be some grammatical errors here and there. Also, I don't know chinese, like at all, so this translation might not be completely accurate.  

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