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Yue Xincheng has no deep concept about the Qi conduction.

He just thinks that if Gao Ge can be so confident, he'll be totally fine.

And Xia Lu, who knows the secret inside, is watching from the sidelines.

As Gao Ge said before, she feels that the six people in front of her are really ridiculous.

Ridiculous to the extreme.

After seeing the miracle of Qi conduction, Xia Lu is willing to wring her head off and give it to them as a football if they could still keep calm!

The man in the python coat and others all step forward when Yue Xincheng starts to run the Qi conduction.

"Huh? This martial technique is to mobilize the strength inside the body?"

"Well, it's rapid and very smooth."

"Quite interesting..."

As time goes by, the expressions on the faces of the six men turn more and more amazed.

Even Meng Fang's eyes widen at the moment.

He felt too embarra.s.sed to pry too much into the secret martial technique of the Yue Family before. Now, after observing it carefully, he finds that there are a lot of wonderful things inside.

"What a great technique! It is simple, fast, and far more effective than any existing Qi conductions." Meng Fang first sighs.

"This technique has the shadow of the Tangs' mental cultivating method, but much better." Says the man in the python coat while frowning.

He turns to look at Gao Ge and says, "I underestimated you before."

Gao Ge is a bit surprised.

He was disgusted with the man in front of him. But now, the man changes his att.i.tude so quickly that Gao Ge feels a little overwhelmed.

"My name is Tang Jiusi. I am from the Tang Family in Shu. Your martial technique not only has the shadow of my family, but also shadows of other ancient martial arts families. It has a kind of..." For a moment, Tang Jiusi doesn't know how to define it.

Another man in the golden snake coat laughs and says, "There's a meaning to the virtues of all martial arts."

Tang Jiusi pats his thigh, and suddenly realizes this fact, "Yes, that's the truth!"

"Then, may I exchange this martial technique for the freedom of my friend?" Asks Gao Ge.

Tang Jiusi thinks for a long time, then he says, "If I say yes, then I'm just lying to you. It's not my call. I need to go back immediately. With your technique, of course."

This time it is Gao Ge to be silent.

"I a.s.sure you as the young master of the Tang Family. I will keep my promise and not take your friend after having your martial technique, if the government does not allow me to let your friend go, I will give you your technique." Tang Jiusi says seriously.

"Gao Ge, I'll go with him. We only need two or three days on this trip." Says Meng Fang.

"Okay. But before that you cannot take Yue Xincheng." Gao Ge nods.

"Sure." Says Tang Jiusi smilingly.

"So we may leave now?" Asks Gao Ge.

"They two need to follow you. On the one hand, to protect your safety. On the other hand... Well, to prevent you from fleeing." Says Tang Jiusi.

Very straightforward.

Inside of getting disgruntled, Gao Ge smiles and says, "No problem."

Then Gao Ge, Xia Lu and Yue Xincheng leave the room.

The two men in golden snake coats walk out with them.

After a moment, Mr. Xu suddenly says, "Jiusi, Yue Xincheng still needs to be punished."

"But I already have that martial technique." Says Tang Jiusi.

"Yes. You already have the technique. And you see, we've just seen the miracle of it, if we can... "

Before Mr. Xu finishes his words, Tang Jiusi suddenly throws one fist to hit him, and immediately Mr. Xu flies out with a single blow.

"I mean, since I have this technique in my hand, I will do what I promised to others. I despised him before because he didn't deserve my attention, but now he hands over such an important technique for his friend, no matter what results are, he is worth my respect. What kind of pathetic things are you?" Tang Jiusi sneers and says, "In fact, the boy named Yue Xincheng scolded you correctly. People like you don't deserve to be a teacher at the Cultivation Academy."

After saying this, he turns and looks at Meng Fang, "Mr. Meng, let's go."


When getting to the door, Tang Jiusi suddenly turns to look at Mr. Xu and says with a sneer, "When this is all over, you get the h.e.l.l out of the Cultivation Academy, although the Dragon Court isn't qualified to directly partic.i.p.ate in the academy affairs, if I find you still shamelessly stay in the academy, I will kill you even if I will be kicked out of the Dragon Court, Tang Jiusi will do what he says."

He leaves the room after saying this.

Mr. Xu sits on the ground, his face turns pale and body trembles slightly with fear.

Tang Jiusi heaves a long sigh after walking out the hotel.

"Am I way out of line, Mr. Meng?"

"Are you?" Meng Fang smiles, "This is the Dragon Court, a place diffident from other cultivators."

Tang Jiusi gives a little start, looks at him and laughs.

"Yeah, the Dragon Court is the Dragon Court!"

In the hotel, Mr. Xu sits on the ground for a long time, but the two teachers with him do not help him up.

"Xu, the whole thing, including what you said before, will be reported to the government." A middle-aged man pushes the gla.s.ses on his nose and says.

"Do you want me dead, Sun Ming?" Mr. Xu is furious.

"In fact, even if I don't report, you can't stay at the Cultivation Academy anymore. You heard the Dragon Court, and you know Tang Jiusi, you know for sure he'll keep his promise." The middle-aged man named Sun Ming smiles.

Mr. Xu does not say anything, he slowly stands up and walks out of the room...

Back in the yard, Yue Xincheng still feels uneasy.

"Boss, you don't think the man named Tang would lie to us, do you?"

"No." Says Gao Ge.


"Because he belongs to the Dragon Court." Says Gao Ge without any doubt.

Glancing at Gao Ge, Xia Lu asks, "You know a lot about the Dragon Court?"

Gao Ge doesn't say anything.

Xia Lu sighs, "I don't know when I can dig up all your secrets."

"That's easy enough. You have some pillow talks with my boss, and he'll tell you." Yue Xincheng is trying to offer Xia Lu some advice.

After finishing this sentence, the mouth of Yue Xincheng sends out a scream.

"Well, if you don't start something, you won't die!" Shaking his head and admiring the farce, Gao Ge says.

"I'm going to cultivate." After finishing this sentence, Xia Lu walks to her room with a cold face.

Yue Xincheng kneads his b.u.t.tocks, walks towards Gao Ge and says unwillingly, "You two really share the same habit, both of you like to kick my b.u.t.tocks."

Xia Lu immediately opens the door.

Yue Xincheng jumps up in fear and waves his hands. He smiles awkwardly and says, "I'm kidding, I'm kidding..."

Then Xia Lu closes the door.

Gao Ge can't help laughing.

"Bring me with you when you go to the Ning Family, Boss?" Says Yue Xincheng smilingly.

"No problem." Says Gao Ge without hesitation.

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