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Gao Ge does not feel nervous when seeing people from the Cultivation Academy. However, three men from the Dragon Court make him feel stressed.

Basically, any cultivators who enter the Cultivation Academy will be proud to be a member of the Dragon Court, even if as a reserve, it is also regarded as a supreme glory.

Once upon a time, that was also the goal of Gao Ge. But after his reborn, this feeling basically fades away.

There are also three people from the Cultivation Academy. Six people sit together now.

A man with a huge python embroidered on his clothes is about thirty years old. It can be seen that his status is the highest among the six.

"Who is Yue Xincheng among you?"

Yue Xincheng takes a step forward.

"How dare you! What is the crime for you to take your killers to slaughter the Ning Family? 22 of them were killed and 12 members of the Yues died." The man suddenly stands up, meanwhile, a huge stress spreads and lets Yue Xincheng subconsciously take a step back.

Fortunately, Gao Ge immediately reaches a hand out and grabs his arm to prevent Yue Xincheng from losing face.

"Although Yue Xincheng brought killers to the Ning Family and caused a b.l.o.o.d.y case, the responsibility belonged to me." Gao Ge looks at the man in the python coat and says calmly.

"Well?" The man is a little surprised, "Who are you then?"

"I am Gao Ge."

"Oh, I know you, Mr. Meng told me before. You are a loser who has only opened one martial meridian, aren't you? Quite interesting. Young men who came down from Mount Duanlong have at least opened 15 martial meridians. You are such a freak." The man says with a smile.

He looks at Gao Ge with undisguised disdain.

Before Gao Ge gets angry, Yue Xincheng is p.i.s.sed off.

"I made that mistake. It was also I that brought people to kill members of the Ning Family. If you want to catch me, move faster. Don't waste my time."

"How dare you!" An old man slaps the table and stands up. "Yue Xincheng, pay attention to your att.i.tude!" Says him.

"Mr. Xu, don't be angry, he is just a little kid, very young and vigorous." Meng Fang has to explain immediately.

"Little? Is he little? He is 17 or 18 years old now. Doesn't he know what respect is?" The old man named Xu looks fierce.

Gao Ge pulls Yue Xincheng behind him, then he looks at Mr. Xu and says with a smile, "So, the respect that the Cultivation Academy teaches is to point at someone's nose while calling him a loser?"

Mr. Xu's expression turns stiff, he says fiercely, "So what do you say? Are you a loser or not?"

"Shut the h.e.l.l up, old b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Yue Xincheng couldn't hold his tongue.

If they scold him, he can feel nothing and even smile.

He's got a thick skin anyway.

But this old man named Xu and the man in the python coat keep calling Gao Ge a loser. Each word is like a needle p.r.i.c.king into the heart of Yue Xincheng.

He is quite worried.

In his opinion, his boss has always been a very proud man, though he would not directly show it to the public, that pride flows inside his bones.

He is unwilling to let others break Gao Ge's pride.

"Yue Xincheng, what did you say?" Mr. Xu is so angry that he rushes straight to Yue Xincheng.

Meng Fang hastens to take a step forward and quickly stops Mr. Xu. At the same time, he turns to Yue Xincheng and says, "Yue Xincheng, you must apologize to Mr. Xu now!"

Yue Xincheng sneers and says, "An apology? I apologize to him? Well, you might as well rip my head off right now."

"Do you think I don't dare?" Mr. Xu is furious.

"Then hurry! Don't waste my time, okay? What, are you a pea shooter or not? Attacking others with your mouth?"

Mr. Xu is wild with anger.

"Meng Fang, get out of my way, and if I don't let him call me Grandpa while crying today, I'll take his surname!"

"Bah! Take my last name? You wish!"

"b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l... I am going to b.l.o.o.d.y kill you, I must kill you!"

Meng Fang hastens to stop him, and the rest all stand up and counsel.

Gao Ge shakes his head with a smile and pats Yue Xincheng on the shoulder.

"Come on, Yue Xincheng, you can come with us now." Says the man wearing a python coat while frowning.

After the farce just now, he has no feeling good for Yue Xincheng at this moment.

When he walks towards Yue Xincheng and tries to capture him, Gao Ge is still standing in front.

"What, you think you have the strength to keep him?" The man in the python coat sneers.

"I just want to make a deal with you." Says Gao Ge.

"Oh?" The man in the python coat looks at him suspiciously, "What do you mean?"

"I can offer you a martial technique. My premise is that you can't take Yue Xincheng." Says Gao Ge seriously.

He prepared this speech, and the words just came out were of course neat and tidy, without the slightest delay.

But when he finishes his words, the whole room turns quiet. The eyes of all six men fall upon on Gao Ge.

And then there is a loud laughter.

Among them, Mr. Xu and the man in the python coat's laughter may be the most dramatic.

Their tears are about to burst out.

Gao Ge feels a little p.i.s.sed off.

The manner in which he spoke just now was very serious. I didn't even make a wisecrack, but you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds take my words as a joke?

"My G.o.d, this kid is really killing me." The man in the python coat puts his hand around the other person as if to keep his balance. Otherwise, Gao Ge's words may make him fall down while laughing.

Gao Ge heaves a sigh.

"You have such a low punchline."

The six can't laugh out anymore at once.

They all glance at Gao Ge with a complex look. There's a mockery in their eyes.

Doesn't this kid find out that everybody just laughed at him being so arrogant in such a way?

It's a mockery! And he even said that we had a low punchline! Seriously? Is he an idiot?

"Do you know what you are talking about, kid?" The man in the python coat stops laughing.

"I said, I'd like to offer a martial technique in exchange for the safety of my friend." Gao Ge repeats, slowly stresses each syllable, "I made it clear enough, but you didn't ask what it was, or what field it was in, or even a chance for me to show, you just thought of laughing at me. Don't you think it's you guys that are ridiculous?"

Meng Fang's face becomes pale.

He pulls Gao Ge secretly, reminding him of thinking it over while talking.

These guys are all from the Dragon Court!

It seems that he didn't make it clear before.

He should have told Gao Ge what the Dragon Court represents in Huaxia.

"Well, in that case, let me see what it is that you wish to give us." The man wearing a python coat isn't angry either, "But if you tease me, believe me, I'm not just taking your friend, but you and him."

"Jiusi, it's totally unnecessary! Even if you don't take him, he will die in the Ning Family." Mr. Xu sits aside and says in a cold voice.

The man in the python coat just stares at Gao Ge.

"Yue Xincheng."


"Revolve your Qi conduction and show them." Says Gao Ge firmly.

"Okay." Yue Xincheng nods heavily. He looks very confident.

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