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722 The Arrival of the Top Four (1)

“As expected, he has become a dog. He looks quite engrossed.”

Emperor Xuan mocked.

“You’ve really embarra.s.sed our Savage Kingdom. A dignified Emperor actually did such a humiliating thing.”

The Fiery Emperor mocked.

“Who cares what he does? This guy is determined to do this. He’s no longer worthy of being with us. It’s more valuable to save those juniors than to care about him now.”

The Strength Emperor harrumphed.

This time, half of the experts from the Savage Kingdom had come. Among them, the four Emperors were the three of them and the Barbarian Emperor, along with more than a hundred Barbarian Kings.

With such a formation, they could even do whatever they wanted in the Ning Country’s Imperial City, let alone a small village. Therefore, they were very confident at this moment.

“This person’s methods are indeed powerful, surpa.s.sing you and me.”

The Barbarian Emperor spoke. His attention was not on the Frost Emperor, but on other things, such as the two huge handprints and the small courtyard at the top of the mountain that he could not see through.

“From this huge palm print, it’s indeed a Martial G.o.d. The Frost Emperor is not exaggerating.”

The Strength Emperor nodded.

They stood very far away and used their Divine Power to observe the village.

As for the two obvious handprints at the entrance of the village, he naturally could not skip them. He could see them clearly.

“I can sense the aura of the Divine Spirit Law from above.”

The Fiery Emperor’s expression was solemn. “How long has this person lived in seclusion here? I’ve never heard of him.”

“It might be a very ancient existence. After all, Martial G.o.d Realm experts can live for a long time. It’s even possible for them to live for more than ten thousand years, surpa.s.sing our era.”

The Strength Emperor guessed.

“We’ll know after testing him. I don’t believe that he can cultivate to this level without becoming famous.”

Emperor Xuan said coldly, “So what if he’s the Martial G.o.d? There are so many of us here today. Perhaps the Martial G.o.d can also kill him.”

“Don’t be too arrogant. We haven’t even fought the Martial G.o.d yet.”

The Barbarian Emperor waved his hand and took a step forward. “I’m the Barbarian Emperor. I’m here to pay my respects to Senior.”

“I’m not seeing you.” Song Shi replied coldly.

“We have no choice but to visit you, Senior. Please meet us.”

The Barbarian Emperor said forcefully. His expression was not too good. He represented the face of the entire Savage Kingdom. If he was rejected, he would probably be laughed at by the various countries.

“If you’re not afraid of death, you can come over. Remember to beg for mercy quickly later. I can take in a few more dogs. If you beg for mercy too late, I’ll kill you.” Song Shi replied coldly.

Did these guys think that they could suppress him with numbers? How naive. What he cultivated was no longer ordinary, but Law.

When Song Shi saw this, he snorted coldly.

When the Frost Emperor at the entrance of the small courtyard heard the voice, he shook his head helplessly. “I knew they were coming, but they’re not on the same level at all. They can’t make up for it with numbers.”

“You still have some self-awareness. My master is invincible.”

The large black dog at the side squinted and said. In his eyes, his master was omnipotent and invincible.

The villagers looked up at the four powerful figures rising in the distance and only hid. They were not too afraid.

In their opinion, since Young Master Song’s tone was so calm, he should not be afraid of these people.

Seeing that Song Shi had no intention of compromising, the Barbarian Emperor could only brace himself and say, “In that case, the Four Emperors of my Savage Kingdom will come and exchange a few moves from you.”


A powerful aura erupted from their bodies. Then, they formed seals at the same time and their powers began to connect.

This was a combat Array Formation that could temporarily combine everyone’s strength to resist stronger existences.

Of course, this combination was not perfect. At most, it was the support of strength. It could not be considered a complete combination. They still had to attack separately.

However, under the enhancement of each other’s strength, the power emitted by each of them far exceeded their own. Moreover, the four of them worked together and the increase was more than four times.

A powerful force enveloped the entire sky and took on different colors. One side was as black as a lake and had a cold aura. It was the power of the Frost Emperor.

On one side, flames surged like a volcano. It was the power of the Fiery Emperor. The remaining Strength Emperor’s body became like a giant. Behind the Barbarian Emperor, a projection that looked like a G.o.d appeared. Its aura was the most terrifying, causing the void to distort and crack.

“Senior, this is the Nine Barbarians Battle Formation of my Savage Kingdom. There are only four Barbarians now. I hope you’re satisfied.”

The Barbarian Emperor spoke. The powerful strength made his confidence soar.

“Barbarian Emperor, I’ll go first.”

The Fiery Emperor’s strength was the most violent and he was the first to lose control.

He took a step forward and appeared in the sky above the village. Red flames surged and his body became larger and larger. In the blink of an eye, he transformed into a huge flaming Trolls.

The flaming Trolls were clad in red flaming armor and had sinister and terrifying expressions. They opened their mouths and their eyes were violent. Flames surged all over their bodies as if they were burning the flames of h.e.l.l, causing the surrounding temperature to increase crazily.

Under its huge body, the entire village seemed tiny. All the villagers were extremely nervous and could not help but feel fear. They were afraid that the Flame Trolls would raze the village to the ground with a single kick.

The big black dog, who was guarding the door, was so frightened that its dog fur stood on end. It bared its teeth. “Oh my G.o.d, why is this guy so much stronger than you?”

“He has been enhanced by the strength of the other three. It’s equivalent to reaching the limit of his body’s endurance in an instant. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he’s half a Martial G.o.d.”

The Frost Emperor explained and glanced at the courtyard. In a while, he should be able to see this person’s ability further.

In the small courtyard at the top of the mountain.

Ning Ruqin’s face turned pale. She had never seen such a powerful enemy appear in front of her.

She only felt that she was like a tiny ant at this moment. The other party did not need to specially attack. Just a little aftershock could crush her.

“So strong.”

The maidservant beside him could not help but hug Ning Ruqin and look at Song Shi.

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