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721 Emperor Guarding the Door (2)

“The Emperor is guarding the door. How many people in our village will dare to cause trouble in the future?”

“I think we can intimidate all the trouble this time. No one will easily offend us again.”

Their strength was limited. Previously, they had thought that Song Shi might be an Emperor, but they did not expect him to be able to casually take down an Emperor. He was already like a G.o.d.

Han Ci quickly left the village. When the people waiting outside the village saw him, they hurriedly said, “Barbarian King Han Ci, what’s going on inside?”

They had once seen a terrifying attack from afar before it shattered. They did not know the exact situation.

Han Ci said helplessly, “Our Frost Emperor has fallen. This place is really dangerous. Don’t come over easily in the future.”


The group of people widened their eyes and looked at each other in disbelief.

“I’m not lying to you. That person is too powerful. I feel that he can easily kill the Frost Emperor. That’s why the Frost Emperor begged for mercy. He would rather lose face to save his life.”

Han Ci was helpless. “Of course, the Frost Emperor might have other thoughts. This is not something I can guess.”

“Don’t think too much. Let’s go back first.”

He led everyone away. Now, it was no longer about whether to call for reinforcements, but to end the impact of this matter.

Otherwise, if this continued, the high-end combat power of the Savage Kingdom would probably fail here.

He quickly sent the news back.

The Frost Emperor was no match for him at all. He even took the initiative to beg for mercy and was forced to guard the door to save his life. This matter shocked the entire upper echelons of the Savage Kingdom.

The other Emperors who had only been paying attention to this matter previously could not sit still anymore. Under the summoning of the Barbarian Emperor, they began to gather to discuss this matter.

In the Imperial City of the Savage Kingdom, powerful auras streaked across the sky from time to time.

“What’s going on today? Not only have a large number of Barbarian Kings appeared, but even a few Emperors have appeared.”

“Could it be that they’re preparing to start a war again? Isn’t this too fast? They just finished dealing with Ning Country. Aren’t they going to recuperate for a few years?”

“From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like a war is about to break out. It’s obvious that there’s no military mobilization. Something special might have happened.”

The cultivators in the Imperial City were surprised. They were puzzled and secretly communicated.

Most people did not know what had happened to gather so many powerhouses in such a short period of time.

Only the upper echelons of the Savage Kingdom, the core of the various tribes, and the backbone of the entire Savage Kingdom knew the situation.

The commotion caused by the powerhouses lasted for half a day before they calmed down. Most of the powerhouses in the Savage Kingdom who were loyal to the Barbarian Emperor gathered in a hall in the palace.

This hall was called the Thousand Valor Hall. It was where the Barbarian Emperor gathered all the powerhouses in the country to discuss important matters.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, this place would not be opened easily. Once it was opened, it would involve a discussion of important matters in the Savage Kingdom.

An Array Formation was set up in the palace, but it was actually even more empty. Hundreds of people had gathered, most of them were Barbarian Kings, and only eight of them were Emperors.

Among the eight of them, only one was qualified to be called the Barbarian Emperor. The others used their respective t.i.tles.

“Brother Niu, what happened? Why did you suddenly summon us over?”

“It’s not going to start another war, right?”

Some of them were still unclear about the situation and were asking those who knew.

At the top of the palace, the eight Emperors did not look too good. Clearly, they had already received the news.

Among them, there was an empty ice crystal throne. This seat belonged to the Frost Emperor.

The rest of the Eight Emperors’ gazes landed on this empty seat, frowning or sighing.

“This Frost is really messing around. If his situation is leaked, the entire Savage Kingdom will probably be alarmed.”

“It’s not a shock. It’s a loss of face.”

“They called so many people over today. It seems like they’re preparing to leak the news.”

“Can we contact him? I just feel that this news is not reliable through my subordinates.”

The Emperors discussed and looked at the highest chair in the center.

This chair was made of metal and looked like a huge axe.

With this chair as the center, there were eight other chairs in the surroundings. Every chair was different and corresponded to the powerful tribes in the Savage Kingdom. There would be an Emperor on each chair.

At this moment, there were seven figures sitting in the eight seats. One of them was empty, and there was someone in the middle, the Barbarian Emperor, the strongest expert in the Savage Kingdom.

The Barbarian Emperor did not look too old. He was in his thirties and had the strongest aura. At this moment, his expression was dark as he said, “Everyone, be quiet.”

The discussions in the palace stopped and everyone looked at the Barbarian Emperor.

“I summoned you this time because I encountered some trouble. This trouble has already caused something to happen to Frost Emperor, one of the Nine Emperors of my Savage Kingdom.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the palace was silent for a moment before an even more intense discussion erupted.

“Something happened to the Frost Emperor? He’s very powerful.”

“Who can let anything happen to him?”

“Could it be an ambush from Ning Country? I heard that he went to settle the marriage between the two countries. Something happened so quickly.”

“It seems that the incident has something to do with a village.”

The Barbarian Emperor raised his hand with a dignified and domineering expression. “Wait for me to finish.”

Everyone fell silent again.

The Barbarian Emperor said coldly, “The Frost Emperor has been captured by a mysterious powerhouse from a village to be a guard. Everyone, think of a way to save him.”

“Watching the door…”

The group of people was dumbfounded.

Who could have thought of letting an Emperor guard the door?

“How strong is this mysterious person? Will we end up the same way if we go?”

Emperor Xuan of the Eight Emperors asked. He was pitch-black and was the strongest expert of the Black Snake Tribe. Xuan Che, who was suppressed this time, was his descendant, so he naturally could not stand by and do nothing.

“In any case, the Frost Emperor couldn’t even withstand the sound waves emitted by the strings he casually played. He was almost killed and had no choice but to lower himself to be the gatekeeper.” The Barbarian Emperor said expressionlessly.

“Are these all true? Can we let him confront us now?” Another Emperor asked.

“I should be able to.”

The Barbarian Emperor waved his hand and pointed at the air. A mirror appeared in the void and reflected a circle of light, quickly forming a figure.

The Frost Emperor glanced at everyone and said helplessly, “I knew you would look for me.”

“You’re really not afraid of losing face. You actually went to guard the door for someone.”

Emperor Xuan snorted.

“If you come, you won’t even have a chance to guard the door before you die. Do you believe me?”

The Frost Emperor’s expression was cold.

“Are you questioning my strength?” Emperor Xuan’s expression was ugly.

“If you have the strength of the Barbarian G.o.d Realm, you can try.” The Frost Emperor said bluntly.

“Hmph, if I could reach this level, would I still be sitting here?”

Emperor Xuan stopped talking.

The Barbarian Emperor in the middle looked up. “Tell me your opinion. Should we mobilize the entire country to attack this small village or let it go?”

When the Frost Emperor heard this, he shook his head. “Barbarian Emperor, what’s the benefit of fighting? It’s not worth taking such a huge risk just for them.”

The Barbarian Emperor frowned. “You mean that even if we mobilize the entire country to attack, we might not be that person’s match? Do you think that’s possible?”

“I can’t see through him anyway.”

Frost Emperor shook his head. “Barbarian Emperor, it’s best if you don’t dwell on this matter. We’ve already paid enough.”

“Do you know how much of a blow it will be to our morale if we give in?” The Barbarian Emperor asked.

The Frost Emperor glanced at all the Emperors present. “All of you, attack. You should be able to last for about three moves. If you’re not afraid of death, come and try.”

“You’re boosting others’ morale and demeaning yourself.”

The Fiery Emperor, one of the Eight Emperors, was very unhappy to hear this.

“I don’t care. It depends on whether you want to try.”

The Frost Emperor realized that he did not care too much about the outcome of this matter. Perhaps he had lost too badly and wanted these people to suffer too.

“It’s easy to say that we’ll attack a village with the entire country’s strength. If we really attack, we’ll only give others an advantage.”

The Barbarian Emperor denied that he had used the entire country to attack the village. “However, we still have to go and take a look.”

“I also want to see what’s going on.”

Emperor Xuan nodded.

The Frost Emperor’s projection revealed a helpless expression. “Come, I’ll show you my predicament.”

He had already gotten over it. There was nothing to be embarra.s.sed about.

“Let’s go together. Even if we don’t attack, we can still give him some pressure.”

The other Emperors were very supportive.

“Then it’s decided. Send half of the experts to take a look at the situation. I hope they can use their power to suppress them and let them release them tactfully.”

The Barbarian Emperor made the final decision. After the meeting ended, he led his men and set off. When they arrived at the small mountain village, they indeed found the Frost Emperor guarding the door like a dog.

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