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Yan Chen and Le Qingxing were hiding in the dark and were prepared to help Gu Xijiu if she was really in danger. Fortunately, Gu Xijiu's teleportation was amazing, and both of the monsters almost fainted after she had teleported more than ten times.

The young lady who was riding on the dragon, as well as her servant, were both shocked and amazed by Gu Xijiu. They could not believe that a human teenager would possess such a mysterious Kung Fu.

She felt she was too far away and could not see Gu Xijiu's Kung Fu. Thus, she ordered the dragon to descent to a lower alt.i.tude so that she could see the battle.

She was initially flying at an alt.i.tude of 3000 meters above the ground but decided to descend until she was just about 100 meters above the ground and was finally able to get a more un.o.bstructed view.

While she was enjoying herself watching the battle, Gu Xijiu suddenly turned around and smiled at her evilly. Gu Xijiu's smile was cold, and the lady was concerned!

In a split second, Gu Xijiu had teleported onto the back of her dragon!

Before the young lady managed to shove her away, both of the ferocious monsters were already rushing towards the dragon... Gu Xijiu then teleported far away until the young lady was not even able to see her shadow.

The two monsters could not find Gu Xijiu, so they decided to divert their attention towards the young lady on the dragon instead as they still remembered that she had attacked them earlier...

The young lady was furious and cursed loudly. She did not possess the teleportation ability, and so she had to confront the two monsters as she could not escape. Therefore, an intense battle broke out in the sky.

The Flying Lion stopped on a small hill a few miles away. It was gasping for air as it was exhausted. It had used up its last bit of energy to escape from both of the monsters.

Qian Lingyu, Lan Waihu and the rest disembarked from the carriage with a pale face. The journey was even more exhilarating than riding a roller coaster as it was so b.u.mpy. They felt as though their internal organs were about to be dislodged from their body especially Qian Lingyu, as he was still injured and almost puked after he got out of the carriage.

Yan Chen and Ying Yannuo soon arrived, and shortly after that Gu Xijiu had teleported over to meet them. Finally, they were able to breathe a sigh of relief as they were safe from the monsters. However, they were all very exhausted and decided to take a break and eat something to restore their energy.

They made sure that they were a distance away from the area where the battle was taking place so that the fairy would not be able to divert the monsters attention towards them.

Little Fox was used to being around Gu Xijiu, so she immediately rushed to Gu Xijiu's side when she saw her and could not stop talking about the incident earlier. She was mad at the fairy because she had used them as her shield.

Gu Xijiu asked Yan Chen, "Your network is extensive, do you have any idea what kind of fairy she is?"

Yan Chen sighed and then continued to speak, "When I was on the way here, I heard that the Heavenly realm had a.s.signed a fairy to come to earth. Her Kung Fu was exceptional, and she was good at killing devils and monsters.

Also, the emperor of the Haoyue Kingdom had appointed her to be their national master. However, she doesn't care about the war that is taking place between both of the countries, and only handles the investigations related to evil events. I've heard that she is also working on the missing soldier's case and had met Rong Jialuo before… That's all I know."

Lan Waihu was extremely mad, "What kind of fairy is she! How could a fairy behave like that? She didn't even care about our lives, and we almost died because of her!"

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