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The Flying Lion ran away as fast as it could, and the four people in the carriage were worried that they would be swallowed at any time.

The young lady was watching the battle intently as she wanted to observe the attack patterns of the two monsters and come up with a plan to kill them.

In her eyes, those who were in the carriage were seen as guinea pigs in a science lab. She did not care about their lives at all! Gu Xijiu was extremely mad as she saw what was happening!

What an evil fairy, she was such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Her gaze was full of anger, and she suddenly launched two attacks at both of the monsters! She was standing on top of a small hill, while the two monsters were flying in the sky. Although her attacks were quite powerful, its power was significantly reduced as it traveled towards the sky. However, she managed to attract the attention of the two monsters.

Both of the monsters were frustrated as they could not catch the Flying Lion. Hence, they were thrilled when they suddenly noticed the human on the small hill. They gave up chasing after the Flying Lion and immediately switched their attention to Gu Xijiu, and rushed down quickly while howling at the same time. Both of the ferocious monsters had a giant body. Hence, a sandstorm was formed when they arrived near the in midair.

Gu Xijiu stood her ground in the storm and did not attempt escape or avoid it even though her dress was fluttering wildly. Just as the claws of both monsters were about to scratch her body, she immediately teleported away!

"Boom! Boom!"

Both of the monsters could not stop in time and crashed into each other before they slumped to the ground!

The ground shook vigorously as two huge pits were formed!

The momentum of the crash was incredibly powerful. Although the skin of both monsters was thick and rough, they were bleeding and felt dizzy.

However, it did not take long before they were both on their feet and jumped out of the pit. They stared at Gu Xijiu who had already teleported three miles away and was glaring back at them!

They roared as they rushed towards her!

Gu Xijiu decided to use the same trick again. She waited for them to come close enough before she quickly teleported away again. Therefore, the two stupid monsters crashed into each other again.

Gu Xijiu was good at estimating her timing of escape. She would not be able to escape if she had used Qing Gong instead of teleportation.

The two monsters finally learned their lesson after being tricked for the third time. They began to attack separately instead of rushing in at the same time...

However, Gu Xijiu was too fast and disappeared immediately, and so the monsters were not even able to scratch the edge of her dress.

Besides that, she would always reappear not far away from the monsters so that she was able to lure and taunt them until they were mad and continued chasing after her.

The Flying Lion and the others were finally able to take a short break. Initially, they had wanted to come down to help, but Gu Xijiu sent a directed audio informing them not to do so. She told them to retreat as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Yan Chen and Le Qingxing had returned. They were more rational than the others and decided to hide in the dark to observe Gu Xijiu's situation as they knew they might ruin her plan if they merely rushed out to help... Therefore, they sent a directed audio to Little Fox and the others stressing that they should just leave.

Le Zixing was the rational one among the group, and she understood their concern. Therefore, she quickly ordered the Flying Lion to retreat.

Meanwhile, Yan Chen and Le Qingxing had hidden in the dark.

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