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The giant was shocked and mad as it was probably the first time he was threatened by someone. He simply wanted to launch a counter-attack as he was extremely mad. However, as he was about to take his action, he discovered that his wrists had been tied with something...

Suddenly, the Heaven Halberd fell from his hand!

The golden giant was shocked and did not know how to respond.

He turned around and saw a boy who was sitting on the head of his vehicle. The boy was wearing a light blue costume. His features were very handsome, and he had a beautiful body figure. The boy was holding his Heaven Halberd as he smiled happily, "Biggie, it's not healthy to throw a tantrum often you know."

He flicked his fingertip at the Heaven Halberd, "Do you always use this to hurt kids?"

His fingertips were as fair as jade and seemed somewhat fragile. Surprisingly, the Heaven Halberd almost broke into two after he had flicked it gently.

The giant's expression immediately changed!

The Heaven Halberd was extremely strong, and even a mountain could not change its shape, but it had bent into the form of a bow from just a single flick... He could not believe that this kind of Kung Fu existed in the human realm.

The boy looked very young! He had used a very special skill to steal his Heaven Halberd, and every movement and attack he made was precisely accurate. It was the only reason why the giant got tricked.

He was helpless as he had lost his weapon and there was a blade being pointed at him.

Gu Xijiu was surprised that Ying Yannuo had managed to catch up with her speed. As she was about to say something, Ying Yannuo rushed over as he threw the Heaven Halberd away!

While she was still in a stun state, he quickly carried her and flew away.

A ribbon rubbed against their feet and coiled around the Heaven Halberd...

The lady who was riding on the dragon had finally attacked them. She was fast and precise, and the ribbon was even eviler than a poisonous snake as it flew towards Gu Xijiu when her back was exposed to the lady. The ribbon would have successfully coiled around Gu Xijiu's neck if Ying Yannuo had not managed to save her!

The reason Ying Yannuo threw the Heaven Halberd away was so that it would help to slow down the speed of the ribbon by a little, which gave him some time to escape with her.

Ying Yannuo whistled while he was in midair and suddenly a carriage appeared from the clouds. Ying Yannuo and Gu Xijiu dived into the carriage and rolled onto a thick but soft carpet.

Gu Xijiu was lying in Ying Yannuo's arms. There was a nice fragrance lingering around inside the cabin. The smell was familiar but at the same time strange...

Gu Xijiu's heart felt tight as she quickly got up and looked at Ying Yannuo who was lying down beside her, "You…"

This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d was strange! He could react even faster than her!

Though his Qing Gong might be worse than hers, he was way too good at judging things! Even people with a spiritual power of level ten might not be able to make such a perfect judgment!

Of course, his odor seemed to have changed again, and she felt nervous when she was close to him. Due to her previous experience of overthinking things, Gu Xijiu did not doubt him, but she honestly felt the little boy was not as simple as he looked.

Ying Yannuo looked pale and awkwardly smiled as he was in a laid down position "I'm so tired. I've spent my last bit of energy already!"

He stretched one of his hands towards her, "Xijiu, you're kinda heavy though. My chest hurts… Come on, help me to get up."

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

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