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"Stop it!" Yan Chen shouted. His voice was loud enough to penetrate even the rocks and clouds. Indeed, the lady had heard his voice.

Her fingers paused as she glimpsed coldly at them. Her gaze seemed as though a G.o.d was looking down from the sky at a few tiny ants on the ground.

"Nonsense!" A fierce chide echoed from the sky, and everyone got frightened! A giant man who was about two meters tall appeared from the clouds behind the lady. The giant was riding on a golden lion. He was wearing a golden armor, and his copper and muscular arms were exposed. He was huge and had a scary appearance as he was holding a shining Heaven Halberd in his hand with a fierce look on his face.

"Who do you think you are, kid? How dare you yell at my Queen Li?!"

The giant immediately scolded Yan Chen when he appeared. His voice was as loud as thunder just like a gorilla in the movies! Apparently, he was the guardian of the lady. He probably wanted to teach Yan Chen a lesson as he pointed the Heaven Halberd at Yan Chen even before he had finished scolding him.

A golden ray was shot at Yan Chen! Yan Chen was shocked as he did not expect that his opponent would immediately attack him! He did not have enough time to think of a plan. Hence, he immediately reacted and took out his golden shield to protect himself.

Meanwhile, his buddies tried to counter the attack as well. Little Fox cast an aqua shield to protect Yan Chen, while Zhang Chuchu and the Le sisters also cast their protection skills respectively.

The giant was mighty as Gu Xijiu only managed to hold him back for a brief moment by launching her Wind Blade However, he immediately destroyed Little Fox's aqua shield and blew away Zhang Chuchu's wooden barrier.

In the blink of an eye, the golden rays that were launched by the giant had easily destroyed three of their shields. Yan Chen managed to withstand the ray only for a second using his golden shield.

"Crack!" Yan Chen's golden shield was also broken, and he continuously attacked the Le sisters... Both of them tried their very best to defend themselves and was barely able to withstand the attack!

The giant was surprised that the kids could withstand his golden rays, and his eyes opened widely, "Wow! You surprised me! Come on, here…"

He raised his hand and was about to launch another attack. However, he suddenly felt something cold on his back and realized that something had been placed on his neck, "Stop it, giant!"

The voice was clear but cold enough to make the giant freeze.

He was surprised that someone was able to attack him from behind secretly. Subconsciously, he turned his head around to have a look. A young lady was standing behind him.

The lady was about 16 to 17 years old, and she was wearing a simple black dress. Her skin was as fair as jade, and she had a very beautiful appearance. Her eyes were clear and round which made her look unique.

The young lady was initially standing on the cliff with the other kids. However, she had appeared behind him in just a blink of an eye. A cold blade was placed beside his neck, and the tip of the blade had caused gooseb.u.mps to appear on the giant's golden skin.

The giant knew that it was not a normal blade as he had practiced to the extent that no weapon could penetrate his body. However, he could feel the sharpness of the blade on his neck as well as the aura that was coming from her.

He was mainly concerned with how the young lady managed to appear behind him!? She was so scary!

"Who are you?!" The giant was shocked and angry as it was probably the first time he was threatened by someone.

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