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She looked at his jade fingers that were pointed at her, "So can we have physical contact now?"

Ying Yannuo did not withdraw his hand but looked at her pitifully, "This is a critical moment, so I feel that it would be no harm to try it occasionally."

Gu Xijiu pretended to be rude and turned around, "I feel that this is not a critical moment."

This person's secondary personality had returned to control the situation, and he liked to act cute. Gu Xijiu was used to his habits. Hence, she did not care much about him.

She had no time to fool around with Ying Yannuo at this moment. She opened the curtains and looked out from the cabin. She shockingly realized that it was the same carriage she had used when she first arrived here and the lion was also the same Flying Lion.

Ying Yannuo seemed to have been well prepared as he got the lion to quietly hide in the clouds when she had jumped off from the carriage...

Otherwise, it would not have been able to save them earlier.

Gu Xijiu looked further away and realized that the lady who was riding on the dragon was not chasing after them. She threw the Heaven Halberd towards the giant and added, "Why should I keep you if you can't even defeat those kids?"

The giant's face turned red as he took the Heaven Halberd from her and answered, "I'm so sorry, Your Majesty."

He shook the Heaven Halberd, and his wild eyes were looking at the direction where Gu Xijiu had escaped. As he was about to chase after them, the young lady continued speaking, "Just forget it, they're just a bunch of naive kids. We should carry on with our important mission instead of wasting time to kill them."

As the young lady saw Gu Xijiu's head popping out of the carriage, she raised her chin, "Little girl, I won't take this personally, but you should leave as soon possible. Don't disturb me from killing the monster!"

Though the lady's voice was clear, she sounded as though she was a high ranked person who was trying to forgive a very naive person.

Gu Xijiu immediately interrupted her, "I don't know what kind of fairy you are, but I'm going to tell you that there are countless of zombies down there! You will release them if you break the wizard barrier! Do you think you can kill all of them by yourself?!"

The young lady was stunned, "Wh...What? Countless zombies…" Before she could finish speaking, the snow land looked as though it a pot of boiling soup as the snowy ground shook while countless zombies tried to escape from beneath the ground.

"d.a.m.n it!" Gu Xijiu cursed and guided the carriage down.

The white-clothed zombies were moving very fast, and there were too many of them. In the blink of an eye, they have surrounded the valley and were moving in a specific direction.

Human odor usually aroused this type of zombies, and they could still smell her friends even though they were standing seven to eight kilometers away from the valley. They began to push each other as they rushed towards the small hill...

There were thousands of zombies, and even G.o.d could not help Gu Xijiu's friends! Luckily, she was fast enough and stopped the carriage in front of Yan Chen, and her buddies before the group of zombies had rushed up the cliff, "Hurry up! Get on the carriage!"

Yan Chen and the rest quickly hopped into the carriage as they knew that the zombies were indeed powerful. The white-clothed zombies were very fast as some of them had arrived at the cliff in just a few minutes.

The lion tried its best to wave its wings and flew up into the air right before the zombies flooded the cliff.

"Roar! Roar! Roar…" The zombies were roaring angrily underneath.

The cabin of the carriage was very s.p.a.cious.

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