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Ever since he got injured, Yan Chen and Le Qingxing had been taking turns to carry him around. The workload was more on Yan Chen though as he was stronger.

All of them had been running for a day without any food and water, so they were all hungry and exhausted. Furthermore, Yan Chen had to take care of Little Fox too. Therefore, he was the most exhausted among them. At this moment, Yan Chen had Qian Lingyu on his back, while holding onto the flagpole with his left arm and carrying Little Fox with his right arm. He was sweating profusely.

The white zombies were growling and repeatedly jumping, as they tried to pull them down from the pole. Fortunately, they had secured themselves at a higher point on the pole. However, this luck would not last long as these zombies seemed to possess some level of intelligence. Since they could not reach them, they started to hit the bottom of the pole. They managed to shake the flagpole, as it started to sway gently from side to side with a clicking sound time and again. All of them almost slid down from the pole.

Yan Chen's hand slipped a little at one point, and his body fell one foot in length. The rest of them gasped and screamed in utter shock. Luckily, he managed to hold on tightly to the pole. Danger seemed to lurk on all sides.

It was the clear that he had used up most of his energy.

Le Qingxing slid down the pole by one foot in length and raised his hand to grab Qian Lingyu from Yan Chen's back, "Let me carry him for a while."

Suddenly, he saw Qian Lingyu's face and was stunned. His face had changed slightly. Qian Lingyu could feel the numbness in his head and the stiffness in his limbs. His eyes were closed. When he opened his eyes again, he caught Little Fox looking at him with her eyes wide open. He could see the fear in her eyes.

His heart sank, as he saw his reflection from Little Fox's clear eyes.

He started to get worried. Was he turning into a zombie? He looked down and saw his own hands. His fingernails had turned green, and he realized that his nails were growing at a notable speed.

He was turning into a zombie!

He would prefer to be torn apart by the zombies then turn himself into a monster like them. He smiled with a tear as he grieved and turned to look at Lan Waihu, "Don't be scared. Please tell Xijiu that I am sorry. Take care."

He closed his eyes and let go of his arms. They screamed, as his body started free falling.

"Qian Lingyu!" Lan Waihu let out a sharp cry, with a sad and shrill voice.

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