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"I don't want to become like them, let me go down there and fight. I would rather be torn apart than turn into a monster…"

Before he could finish his sentence, Gu Xijiu had already stuffed a pill into his mouth, "Swallow it!"

Qian Lingyu choked a little, but he trusted her completely, so he swallowed the pill without even thinking twice. Though he was starting to lose his voice, he managed to swallow the pill. He could feel that he was starting to lose his consciousness.

"Qian Lingyu, listen to me. I will not let you die! This pill will help to suppress the transformation. You need to hang on! I will save you once we make it out! Do you understand?" Gu Xijiu shouted in his ears.

Qian Lingyu was suddenly full of spirit as he struggled to keep his eyes open. He nodded and bit his lips to keep himself awake.

"Xijiu, we were only able to come in, but we cannot find a way out of this b.l.o.o.d.y place. There is no way out," Yan Chen quickly explained the situation.

Gu Xijiu looked up to the sky, "What about up there?"

Yan Chen shook his head, "There is a wizardry barrier…" He started relating the incident where he hit the barrier.

Gu Xijiu looked down at the pole that she was holding. The pole was neither made from gold nor steel, but it was somehow glossy and smooth. She could feel the warmth that was coming off from the pole.

"The zombies can be killed! We can break their necks with our Gold Chopper!" Gu Xijiu finally broke the silence. All of their eyes widened.

They only ran away pathetically because they could not find a way to kill the zombies. What was the point of running anymore now that they had a way of killing them?

"You need to perform the Gold Choppers technique at a certain angle, and you need to…" While Gu Xijiu was about to explain further regarding her plan, Ying Yannuo jumped down from the pole, "Let me demonstrate!"

His moves were swift. In a blink of an eye, he landed behind one of the zombies, raised his hand and instantly twisted its head at a strange angle. Its neck was completely broken, and the corpse fell to the ground.

All of them were excited and full of fighting spirit now. Zhang Chuchu made her leap, "What are we waiting for? Let's kill these monsters!"

She detested these zombies to the utmost degree. Now that she knew how to kill them, she no longer needed to hold back her strength. She landed like a hawk on one of the zombies and broke its neck with precision. Due to her immense strength, its head was twisted entirely to a 360-degree angle. It slouched over and fell to the ground.

"Ha ha ha! That was great!" Zhang Chuchu let out a loud laugh and proceeded to attack the next zombie.

Le Zixing and Le Qingxing made their moves as well. They were both filled with pent-up anger and needed to fight to release their displeasure.

Lan Waihu summoned up her courage to join them in the fight. "Little Fox, wait for us together with Qian Lingyu. Yan Chen guided them in the fight to kill the zombies and secured an area for Little Fox to land to the ground safely. I will go up there to check on the wizard barrier!"

Gu Xijiu gave out instructions in rapid succession. Then, she a.s.signed Lan Waihu to take care of Qian Lingyu before teleporting herself to the sky.

The arrival of Gu Xijiu and Ying Yannuo had successfully lifted their spirits. Lan Waihu was in high spirits. She held Qian Lingyu securely onto the pole and screamed at him, as she was worried that he might lose his consciousness, "Qian Lingyu, Xijiu is here. We are going to be safe! Don't give up! You have not apologized and asked for her forgiveness yet…"

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