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No matter what wizards they learned, they needed to keep themselves calm but she could not do it in a short time.

Especially after several times of failure, she was even more depressed.

She knew she could not make it up there but she did not want to give up. She always tried her best in everything as she would not regret in the end even if she could not succeed in trying her best.

However, when everyone had gone up there, she finally managed to calm herself down.

She knew there was a burning joss stick on the table and it was almost burnt off completely.

However, she did not care anymore as she has prepared herself for the penalty. Would he not kill her?

Since she had calmed down, her brain rapidly a.n.a.lyzed the factor of her failures and then concluded the experience for her to continue the next attempt...

Others only saw her rising and falling again multiple times, but she knew she had improved as she could fly higher with every attempt.

Of course, she heard Qian Lingyu's directed audio, but she refused to follow his suggestion.

She had always followed the right path throughout her learning instead of playing tricks. She knew whatever knowledge and skills she mastered were always hers and she did not want to fool herself and others...

Besides that, what was worth to be proud of by flying up there with other skills? Di Fuyi was very observant and he was probably waiting to catch her. That would be even more embarra.s.sing if it got exposed publicly, had she used teleportation!

When she continued to try, suddenly, Di Fuyi sent her a directed audio, "I don't want to punish you, come up with teleportation and Flying Wind magic!"

Gu Xijiu did not answer; who knew what he was planning? He was too unpredictable and she decided not to guess now!

"Gu Xijiu, stop it. Come up first!" He sent another directed audio.

Gu Xijiu pretended she did not hear it again. She tried very hard as she wanted to prove herself with her abilities!

She wanted a right victory, and if she were to fail, she would fail without guilt!

Once her mind was calmed down, she managed to gather all her energy rapidly. She flew straight to the edge of the cliff when she initiated the Flying Wind magic again! However, there were another ten centimeters to go, for her to stand firmly on the cliff!

Unfortunately, she missed it and fell off the cliff again...

Everyone shouted. Gu Xijiu slightly closed her eyes as she saw the joss stick burning to its end when she flew up there...

Thus, she had lost the chance to try again.

She had finally failed.

When she was falling, a strong wind suddenly appeared and supported her. Her body which was falling earlier was now lying on the cliff.

She had finally stood firmly on top of the cliff!

The joss stick was burnt off right at the very moment she stepped on the ground at the top of the cliff.

"Xijiu! You're the best!" Lan Waihu quickly rushed forward and ran in a circle around her.

"Xijiu! Not bad huh! You're really amazing! You can fly up here with a level six spiritual power! You're a legend!" Qian Lingyu was excited!

Many of her cla.s.smates came forward to congratulate her.

Of course, some of them did not manage to see her getting embarra.s.sed; the ones that did had remained silent or said something sarcastically.

The reason those people tried to bully her was that they could sense Di Fuyi trying to be harsh to her, hence, they decided to tag along.

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