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"Now I know the last one also deserves some congratulating! Haha!"

"I thought she had always been the number one! She was probably afraid of heights!"

"But she didn't come up in a single flight - does that count?"

"Of course! She managed to get up here after taking a really short break! This is better than getting up here with a single attempt! Stop talking if you're not an expert!" Lan Waihu who used to be a coward finally grew mad.

The man did not want to argue with Little Fox, so he looked at Di Fuyi.

Di Fuyi was the decision maker, what he says always counts.

Di Fuyi looked at Gu Xijiu.

She really gave her best this time as her clothes were thoroughly wet. She was standing as straight as a rifle and was staring at him with her mouth slightly twitched.

She always tried to avoid looking into his eyes and she tried to avoid him all the time. However, she had finally looked him into her eyes, but he could not tell whether she was happy or mad.

He took a breath and said casually after he got up from the chair, "You had made it before the joss stick burnt off, it's considered a pa.s.s…"

Once he finished talking, Little Fox immediately applauded, "Xijiu! Xijiu! You made it! Congratulations!"

She then glared at those people who were mean to Gu Xijiu just now, "Look! I told you she would make it! You are just jealous…"

The man blushed but did not speak anymore.

Di Fuyi looked at Gu Xijiu's pale face, she was sweating and her hair was messy. He finally stood up and waved his sleeve. The fruit on the table flew toward Gu Xijiu, "This is your reward."

Of course, it was the smallest one. The color was not as nice as the beautiful one. However, it was a rare fruit and she deserved it.

The fruit flew to Gu Xijiu but she did not take it. Tragically, the fruit fell on the ground and cracked into a few pieces.

The air of the surroundings was immediately occupied by its fragrance.

Di Fuyi narrowed his eyes as he looked at her, "You!"

Gu Xijiu raised her chin and casually said, "I didn't come up here on my own, someone helped me when I fell. Thus, I did not succeed and Xijiu shouldn't take the fruit."

Everyone was stunned! They did not expect that she would say it now.

Not everyone had the courage to accept their failure and not everyone could admit that they have gotten help at this moment...

After all, the wind had come and gone almost instantly and no one could see it.

This girl was really brave!

Those who were criticizing her earlier had now shut their mouths and sincerely admired her secretly.

Di Fuyi probably did not expect her to come clean; he looked at her and asked, "Gu Xijiu, do you know what's the penalty for not being able to complete the lesson?"

Gu Xijiu shook her head and answered calmly, "No, but since there's a rule, Celestial Master Zuo can give the order."

Di Fuyi was speechless.

He looked at her face again. The layer of light makeup had disappeared due to the sweat on her face.

She still looked pale and her lips looked the same as well. He could see a pair of faint dark circles around her eyes. Although she tried to straighten her body, he could see that she was exhausted.

He suddenly asked, "Did you stay awake throughout the night?"

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