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After that, both of them entered the house.

Long Siye was baffled at what he saw. He stood still for quite a while, unable to process the entire scene. He then left in a shocked state.

The maple forest was just like it was yesterday. All alone just like before, Long Siye leaned on the tree and started playing his flute. However, the tune was even sadder and drearier than before. One could tell from the melody that there was a blend of anguish and frustration in his thoughts.

After the song had finished, someone emerged from the trees while clapping his hands, "Overlord Long, you play the flute so well!" It was the man in the blue robe.

Long Siye looked at him emotionlessly and took a deep breath as he spoke, "Are you here to make fun of me? Why are you delighted at my misfortune? You live in the dark, unknown. You are nothing compared to me." He was drunk, so the things he said were unusually harsh, "You are not even qualified to make fun of me!"

The man in the blue robe said gently, "You have misunderstood, I am not here to make fun of you. In fact, I am in a worse position than you. Well, at least you are the overlord of the Tianwen clan. You have the support and admiration of thousands of people. I am just like a puppet that is unknown to the world, barely anyone knows of my existence… I hate him more than you do!"

Without a word, Long Siye fixed his doubtful gaze on him. The man continued, "Now, are you interested to hear about my idea?"

Long Siye looked arrogant as ever, but his tone was soft as he spoke, "You can tell me about it if you want."

The man proceeded to share his idea. It was pretty simple and straightforward. Outside of Tianju hall, there was a mighty wizardry barrier. Only people from Tianju Hall could come and go freely. All heaven's gift disciples were allowed with free entrance as well. However, it was almost impossible for the outsiders to lay siege to Tianju Hall.

The mission that the man had given to Long Siye was for him to disengage the barrier when he had the chance. They had to work in perfect coordination from the inside and the outside so that outsiders could attack the place. They could then wipe out Di Fuyi with ease.

Long Siye rejected the idea, "I am a heaven's gift disciple, and Tianju Hall is the fruit of The Lord's tremendous effort. I will not destroy Tianju Hall in pursuit of my own desires."

The man seemed to have expected his response. He continued softly, "Do not worry; we do not intend to harm the people of Tianju Hall. What we are doing is only to destroy Celestial Master Zuo."

Long Siye appeared to be convinced, but was fully invested in the idea yet, "Who are you, exactly? How do I know whether the things that you have said are true? What if Tianju Hall is affected by the attack? I do not wish to cause ma.s.sive destruction of both good and bad."

"That is easy. Three days from now, all disciples from Tianju Hall will venture out for a hunt. Most of them will leave, and not many will stay behind. We can do it then!"

Long Siye answered, "You seem familiar with the affairs in Tianju Hall." It turns out that Tianju Hall would organize a grand hunting activity every year as a test for its disciples. On that day, all members from Tianju Hall would go to a designated location for hunting. The site would be different every year.

Teachers would follow as well to prevent any accidents from happening. On that day, Tianju Hall would be like a deserted city. It was indeed perfect timing to launch the attack. However, Long Siye still had some misgivings, "What if Di Fuyi followed them, too?"

The man answered with a smile, "Impossible! Gu Xijiu is still injured, and so is Yun Qingluo. One of them is a heaven's gift disciple, and the other one is a disciple of The Lord. Di Fuyi will not abandon them."

Long Siye was quiet for a few moments, "Do you only wish to get rid of Di Fuyi? Or will you harm innocent ones too? I do not wish for any accidents to happen to Gu Xijiu. "

With a look of certainty, the man smiled, "We will not. You can rest a.s.sured that the lady will be unharmed."

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