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Long Siye stopped after some time and stared at the moon pa.s.sively for a while. He was contemplating on his life and looked lonely. Someone could be heard coughing in the maple forest. Long Siye did not realize that someone was there, so he quickly turned around to check.

A man with a blue robe emerged! This man was wearing a mask, so Long Siye could not ascertain who he was or what he looked like. All Long Siye could tell is that this was a man of high stature. The mask that he was wearing seemed very familiar.

Long Siye frowned and asked, "Di Fuyi?"

The man in the blue robe sighed in return, "You have acknowledged the wrong man. I am not him!" His voice sounded very similar to Di Fuyi's though.

"Who are you then?" Long Siye held the flute in his palm tightly, "Why do you seem so similar to him? Who are you with him?"

The man in the blue robe kept quiet for a moment. He then smiled wickedly, "Guess?"

Long Siye fixed his gaze on the wicked smile. He then observed him thoroughly from head to toe, "His brother? Twin brother?"

The blue man answered with a sigh, "You are almost correct. But indeed, you can say that we are twins…"

Long Siye was confused, "I have never heard him mentioning about having a twin brother. No one else has mentioned it either."

The man in the blue robe sneered, "Of course you have never heard of me. I am the twin brother who must not be exposed…"

Long Siye secretly observed him more carefully without saying anything. The man in the blue robe took a step forward, "Why? Don't you believe me? You are probably considered as one of the closest to him. Take a look at my hand, my chin, my eyes and my mouth. Am I not identical to him?"

Long Siye sized up his features carefully. They were identical to Di Fuyi's; there was not even the slightest difference. Other than being twins, there was no better explanation. The only other possibility that Long Siye had thought is that this could be Di Fuyi's clone.

He stared at the man's face and said, "Why don't you take off your mask for me to see?" The man murmured, "He has been wearing a mask all this while, so you don't even know how he looks like. What good will it do for me to take off mine? Will you be able to tell the difference?"

Long Siye was surprised. He sighed, "You are right. Never mind then, I do not intend to examine anything about you whatsoever. This is where we part ways." He turned around and wanted to leave.

"Overlord Long, you have been suppressed under his control for such a long while. Are you willing to stay this way?"

Long Siye hesitated. "My Kung Fu is not as good as his, so I am surely below him as it ought to be. My willingness has nothing to do with it. Thus, there is no point for you to drive a wedge between us," said Long Siye, in a calm tone. He then turned around again to leave.

"What about the girl that you adore? Should you watch her leave as he takes her away? Don't you feel bad?" The man in the blue robe continued to bring up matters close to Long Siye's heart.

Abruptly, Long Siye turned back around. You could tell from his voice that he was trembling, "What nonsense are you talking about?"

The man in the blue robe winked as he laughed, "Overlord Long, you know exactly what I am talking about."

Long Siye looked away and left. The man in the blue robe did not chase after him, but added, "I have an idea to help you get the girl that you adore, or even kill him."

Hesitantly, Long Siye paused to answer him, "He and I are both heavenly gifted disciples. How could I do such a thing?" Long Siye turned and rushed away before he could hear anymore.

The man in the blue robe smiled as he watched his retreating figure. He could see that the idea tempted long Siye. All he needed was a little push.

The next day, Long Siye seemed restless the entire day. He then proceeded to Di Fuyi's yard to linger for a while. He saw Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi holding hands. Di Fuyi said something to Gu Xijiu which made her burst out laughing. She even hit him lightly with her fist.

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