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Long Siye did not continue any further. The puppet looked at him and asked, "Do you have other concerns?"

Long Siye frowned, "The four messengers are extraordinarily powerful. They can easily hold hordes of troops and horses."

The puppet replied with a smile, "Do not worry about them. My master has ways to divert them away."

It was a chilly autumn night.

Gu Xijiu supported Di Fuyi's waist as they walked through the door. (They still had not returned to their original bodies, so it was the man holding the lady). Once the door was closed, Gu Xijiu immediately released her hands and marched forward.

There was a sense of disappointment in Di Fuyi's eyes. They had been going on like this for the past few days. He thought that she would let it go. He felt that if he continued to make impromptu quips and jokes, they would finally become reconciled. It did not happen.

She was very professional. For the sake of the plan, she had to cooperate with Di Fuyi and act like a couple who are in love. Her acting was so real that she made him think that she really fell in love with him. However, whenever they were back in the house, she turned into her usual self and ditched him. Just like an actress who went backstage.

Gu Xijiu did not have any issues with him nor did she ignore him on purpose. She would still chat with him regularly, and they even shared some good laughs together, like a pair of regular friends. Gu Xijiu was just trying to make sure Di Fuyi knew where to draw the line.

Di Fuyi utilized a few tricks up his sleeves get them closer to each other, but he did not have any experience in relationships. It was the first time in his life for him to go after a girl.

Mu Yun was the most charming one among Di Fuyi's four messengers. He had the most experience in winning girls' hearts. He was known as the Handsome n.o.bleman. There was not a single girl whom he failed to attract. He was considered the heartthrob that all girls wanted to date.

Di Fuyi had consulted him both overtly and covertly on how to win a girl's heart. In fact, he did have some useful information to share with the mighty man. Since it was his master who asked for advice, Mu Yun told him everything he knew. There was an a.r.s.enal of strategies and approaches that he could use.

For instance, a good girl would avoid getting too attached to a man, but all girls would always say one thing and mean another. Hence, he should stay with her as much as possible. But Di Fuyi did not think that the approach was practical for his situation. Both of them were already spending 24 hours a day with each other. It was already the maximum amount of time they could spend together, but she did not seem to be moved at all.

In a different approach, all girls generally fancied romantics and would prefer their lovers to give them some flowers occasionally. Di Fuyi had tried it once. It was when they were enjoying the flowers together in Qi Garden. He secretly picked out a huge bouquet of flowers for her during their walk, but she ended up judging him as though he was a monster. She asked him if he was at enmity with the flowers and why he ruthlessly destroyed them. Hence, the second approach was an absolute failure.

For the third approach, he said that all girls reserved more sentiments about their first-times. If their first-times were already taken, they would generally submit themselves willingly to the man.

Di Fuyi immediately dismissed the last approach. They were still in each other's bodies, so there was no way he could offer himself to Gu Xijiu. That would be ludicrous!

Although there was hardly any limitations on the things that Di Fuyi could do, he could not bear to rape his own body while he was still a woman. It would scar his mental health. He just could not take it.

Moreover, he did not quite believe that Gu Xijiu was the kind of girl who would commit herself desperately to a man after they made love. It was not her usual style. Di Fuyi did not think that it was practical. Gu Xijiu was now using his body, and her power was recovering steadily. Although she was not familiar with his Kung Fu, she was already strong enough to fight. If he were to kiss her without her consent, the possible scenario that would happen was that she would hold him down and beat him up in return.

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