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Yun Qingluo had not gotten a response even though she loved him so much and for so long. However, he was going to die because of her. Was that considered karma?

She also came to Garden Tianxiang by following the puppet man's order and there were countless of green men landed from the sky.

Those green men looked strange when they landed, their body looked stiff and hard while their legs did not bend at all.

Yun Qingluo seemed to know something, those were not human… but puppets!?

The outfit of the green puppets was strange as all of them were wearing a green robe, green hat and even a green mask on their faces as though they were bamboos.

Apparently, they were all experts in Kung Fu as they could land silently.

Yun Qingluo immediately shivered as she had a special reaction to puppets due to her ident.i.ty as a puppet master. The puppets she made were mostly made from wood or leather, however, those green men were rich in the odor of puppets. They were not wooden or leather-made puppets, but a human puppet! It was made from real humans!

It was very complicated to make a puppet by using a human and that can only happen if the maker was a senior puppet master, such as her father. However, his father could only control two to three human puppets. The horrible part of this attack was that thousands of human puppets were involved!

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