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Due to the severity of the injuries that she suffered, Gu Canmo did not a.s.sign any missions to Yun Qingluo. He wanted her to have peace of mind to recover.

Love can be painful, and this time, Yun Qingluo was hurt. She loved and hated Di Fuyi. Perhaps, they were not fated to be together since the beginning.

Despite that dilemma, the main issue troubling her mind was that her 'Di Fuyi' was gone! The puppet that had been by her side, the one that would always be there to comfort her, disappeared from her storage bag.

As much as her broken heart affected her, the lost puppet restlessly perturbed her. She was worried that Di Fuyi would find out about the doll. If he did, she would be in deep trouble.

That night, she was alone on the bed and could not fall asleep as her mind was filled with nothing but desperation.

Suddenly, somebody knocked on the door and opened it with a slight squeak. A man walked into the room. He was wearing a purple robe with dark, black hair and his face was covered beneath a mask.

Yun Qingluo jumped at his sight, "You!" She disregarded the injuries on her body and lunged forward to grab his hand, "Where have you been for the past few days? I mean, how did you escape?" The man was her lost puppet!

Yun Qingluo's wounds were still hurting, and the pain caused her to have to bend over. Softly, the man sighed. He then carried her by the waist and put her back on the bed, "You are still injured, why aren't you more careful?" His voice was as tender as before.

Yun Qingluo was furious. She grabbed his collar and said, "Tell me! How did you run away!" However, the man took the opportunity to hold her down and kiss her.

Yun Qingluo trembled at the kiss. She held his neck and called him out with a weak voice, "You…" She then closed her eyes and muttered, "Fuyi…"

A light flickered in the man's eyes. While they were pa.s.sionately kissing, he raised his hands and took off her clothes, revealing her delicate and exquisite body. His fingers started actively exploring her body.

Apparently, it was what they used to do together, so the man knew very well what he was doing.

Yun Qingluo trembled, yet again. She could not stop her tears from flowing, but she did not stop him. She kept muttering Di Fuyi's name.

To Yun Qingluo, it felt as though she was making love with the man she loved. The man looked at her with a gentle smile, but there was a sense of disappointment in his eyes. He could easily satisfy her with only his hands.

When reality finally struck Yun Qingluo after her climax, she looked at the puppet in front of her with disgust and hatred. She then pushed him away and said, "Go away! You are not him! No! Don't touch me…"

Usually, when she pushed him away, he would go aside quietly while waiting for her to keep him back into the bag.

But this time, he did not. He grabbed Yun Qingluo by her shoulder and asked with a smile, "Yun Qingluo, when will you stop deceiving yourself and the people around you?"

Yun Qingluo could feel the pain on the shoulder that was grabbed. With eyes wide open, she looked at him in utter shock, "You…"

The man sat down next to her, and his fingers reached for her chest again. However, instead of caress, the puppet applied a sudden and immense pressure. It was an area where she had suffered from shattered bones, and a cold sweat broke out all over her body due to the tremendous pain. Intuitively, she tried to push him away.

However, the man was strong, and she was still bearing her injuries, so she did not have much strength. She was stranded entirely in his embrace and could not move.

The man was still smiling, "Qingluo, you are suffering great injuries. Can't you feel the hatred?"

His fingers then reached for the spot where the sword stabbed through her body. The wound had healed, but there were still scars left behind. For some reason, his touch could still trigger immense pain. The man talked in a gentle voice, but he had no compa.s.sion for her at all. He used his fingers to poke through her b.l.o.o.d.y scars.

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