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There she sat, rigidly upright with her eyes closed. She was surrounded by faint lights that grew stronger and stronger day by day. Di Fuyi heaved a sigh of relief.

Luckily she could not see herself while she practiced. If she saw the seven-colored halo that simmered faintly around her, she would definitely become suspicious.

The Kung Fu was his personal method for recovery, which would only be useful for the mighty body. He had not pa.s.sed it down to anyone before. In this case, it was as if he had taught her the Kung Fu in advance.

Actually, there were several advantages for them to switch their bodies. If she were to use her own body, she would explode and die after a few practices, as her tiny body had yet to become fully cultivated. Perhaps, the switch was a manifestation of G.o.d's will.

He sat across and observed her from time to time to make sure that her practice was smooth. He could sense her body at the moment. It was growing fast under the influence of his soul and her wounds were healing rapidly as well.

If she were to recover in her own body, she would take at least a month to bounce back to her normal condition and to be able to use Kung Fu again.

However, with him being in her body, her wounds were almost healed in such a short period of five to six days. Her power was recovering fast, too; even her spirit power had undergone a tremendous growth.

Before that, she was at level five and two thirds. She had now achieved level six.

Gu Xijiu was not aware of it, as Di Fuyi would only advance the level of her body during the night. She would be too busy in her practice to realize.

Di Fuyi did not plan on telling her, as he wanted to keep it as a surprise for her when she had her body back.

Di Fuyi had an obsessive concern for hygiene. It was impossible for him not to shower for five to six days. He would rather have himself killed than to avoid showers.

After a series of bargains with Gu Xijiu, they had both achieved a common ground, where both of them would have to go for a dip in the pool every day at the same time.

At first, Gu Xijiu was reluctant to take a bath with him. It was as tough an intimate bath with her partner. She did not think that it was appropriate.

However, Di Fuyi was concerned that she might be worried, so it would be better for them to bathe together so they could easily monitor one another.

When they were having the bath together in the pool, they would execute a kind of Kung Fu together, so the water would boil and create a rapid flow around their bodies. With such a strong current, all dirt could be easily washed away.

This could be considered as a good solution to their shower problem.

Time slipped away so fast, as three more days pa.s.sed. The past three days had been calm. Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi had always been together. It was rather enviable to see them together.

Certainly, people would take pity on Long Siye.

It was obvious that Long Siye liked Gu Xijiu, almost everyone could surely notice it. As he watched the girl he adored being so close with another man, it was impossible for him not to be depressed. They even lived under the same roof and things seemed to be going so great for them.

He seemed to have pined away dreadfully. Even when he was in cla.s.s, he was always absent-minded and talked incoherently during the lecturers. He had become the laughing stock among the students.

Some students saw him going to Di Fuyi's house to see Gu Xijiu but was unfortunately stopped by the four messengers. He did not even make it through the door.

Some students saw him pacing up and down outside of Di Fuyi's house.

Some students saw him playing the flute under the moonlight, all by himself.

Therefore, everybody in Tianju Hall was well aware that Overlord Long was heartbroken.

As for Yun Qingluo, she seemed to behave herself recently. Like a rat running across the street, she came and went for cla.s.ses in great haste. She would always return to her house after cla.s.s.

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