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The notes were written down when Di Fuyi attended the cla.s.ses with her body. The writings were very neat. The writings resembled her style, so her cla.s.smates would not find anything unusual when he was making the notes.

The house was rather quiet. Di Fuyi had been writing the 'Heaven Book' for a while now. He then raised his head to check on her. He could clearly sense her silence.

She was unlike days ago, where she would come forward to take a look at the 'Heaven Book' that he was writing. Sometimes, she would even ask him for some guidance. However, since Long Siye left today, she had not spoken a word to him.

He thought that she would at least try to get even with him.

After all, what he did was not only concealed from Long Siye, it was hidden from her as well. All this while she had been kept in the dark. What he did was not honest at all.

It seemed like he did not trust Long Siye and her as well.

With her usual self, she would definitely question him. If she was further agitated, she would even turn against him.

Di Fuyi had been waiting for her to question him.

To his surprise, Gu Xijiu did not even bother to ask him anything. She acted as if nothing had happened and kept it to herself.

She had been reading the notes and learning diligently. She did not even raise her head up for the whole night.

Instead, it was Di Fuyi who kept questioning her. For instance, if she had anything that she could not understand or if she needed some water. He found a few reasons just to talk to her, but all he got were her short answers: no, I do not want and thank you.

The night was getting darker. It was almost time to practice. Di Fuyi could no longer contain himself, "Little Xijiu, are you mad at me?"

She raised her eyes to look at him. Her eyes were unusually dark and calm, "What about that?"

"You are mad at me for concealing the truth from you and for spying on Long Siye."

Gu Xijiu smiled faintly, "There is nothing to be mad about. You have your own qualms. It is normal for you to not trust Long Siye and I. I have thought about it, there is really nothing for you to trust on." She raised her head to look at the sky, "Alright, it is late, we should practice! We can switch our bodies back as soon as we recover. On our marks."

She sat on the bed with her legs crossed, preparing to meditate in all seriousness, "Let us begin!"

Di Fuyi did not know what to say.

He seemed to have offended her to a great extent.

He would rather have her making a fuss or losing her temper. Instead, she was beginning to distance herself away from him.

He could not think of any other ways to pull their distance closer together.

He had always been superior. He used to take his own course no matter what other said and act personally in all manners. He would only consider whether it was right or wrong in what he did and the fastest way to get it done. Others' sentiments would not be taken into account of what he did. In fact, he did not even bother to care.

For the first time, he started to actually care for someone. He would train her, pamper her, be fond of her and make fun of her. However, he still persisted in his old ways of thinking and doing things.

If she were a young and naïve girl, she could just grow up happily under his care and protection. Even when he lied to her, she would feel wronged but only act slightly rashly. She would then try being all affectionate to him and things would be fine as long as he appeased her.

However, she was, in fact, a strong, independent lady who was afraid of no difficulty. Just like him, she was impeccably thoughtful, too. If she had reached her limit of tolerance, it would be very difficult to please her again.

More importantly, the incident involved a lot of parties. He could not possibly explain everything to her.

Never mind, she deserved to have a two-day buffer to calm herself. Only then, he would try to please her again.

It was more important to get down to his proper business, for now.

She was already familiar with the practice. Di Fuyi only needed to remind her a bit from time to time and observed her progress.

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