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Di Fuyi could not speak a word.

He pursed his lips and finally said something sincere, "I feel the one I gave you is so much better than this one, regardless of the quality or the design. It's really nicer than the one you're wearing, why don't you put it on and see…"

"I don't like it even if the quality was better." Gu Xijiu interrupted him and terribly hurt his confidence, "Well, it doesn't mean I have to pick it unless I like it. Of course, what you gave is good, but I don't like it. Thanks for your kind offer."

Di Fuyi was speechless.

The moon hung slightly above the sky in the west. It was probably the midnight of the next day as well as her big day to enter adulthood.

Di Fuyi looked at the dress in his hands as he was sitting in front of the campfire. The dress he designed, was a result of sourcing around for good materials and he even got the best tailor in town to make the dress so that she would be able to receive a unique dress as a present. He wanted to see how beautiful she would be when she put on the dress.

He really did not expect that she would rather wear such a regular looking dress, instead of accepting the dress he made by himself, just because the normal dress was given by Long Siye.

He was upset; he reluctantly opened the dress under the moonlight. The light blue dress was fluttering in midair as though the sea wave was splashing on the rocks.

Indeed, the dress was so beautiful especially when it was fluttering under the moonlight.

Gu Xijiu took the dress too quickly after she put it on, hence, she did not manage to look at the design properly but she did realize that the quality of the materials was really great. It was so smooth and soft when she held it in her hand and she felt like she was engulfed by the breeze in the spring when she wore it.

She was amazed instantly when the dress was fluttering midair.

Di Fuyi looked at her, "Look, it really suits you… you really don't like it?"

Honestly, the dress was really lovely and it was indeed her usual fashion style. However, as she has rejected it earlier, it was embarra.s.sing for her to fall for it again!

Besides that, he criticized her fashion style and even indirectly made fun of her...

Thus, Gju Xijiu smiled arrogantly, "It's very subjective whether the dress suits me or not, I really don't like it."

Di Fuyi's hand which was holding the dress slowly retreated. He paused for a second and smiled. Suddenly, he threw the dress into the burning campfire!

The dress was immediately incinerated in the fire...

Gu Xijiu was shocked and wanted to grab it, "Hey! What's wrong with you?"

She quickly pulled out the dress from the campfire and tried to put off the flame. However, the beautiful dress was almost burnt to ashes and it was no longer the nice dress she just saw a few seconds ago.

Gu Xijiu threw the roasted dress on the ground and left, she did not want to talk to him - not anymore!

Gu Xijiu, do you remember that today is your big day?" Di Fuyi asked with a soft tone from behind.

Gu Xijiu paused her feet - she was surprised that he remembered it. However, she did not turn back but casually asked, "So what?"

"The first day of adulthood is a big day for a girl. I've prepared presents for you. The snow fruit and the mermaid silk-moonlight dress have been specially prepared for you."

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

She frowned and then laughed sarcastically, "I thought the snow fruit was a reward for battling? How could it become my present?"

"You're the winner, aren't you?" Di Fuyi looked at her.

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