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Little Fox took a clean set of clothes for her to change. She wanted to clean her up and help her change, but Gu Xijiu refused to, as she was not used to someone taking care of her in such ways.

She took a rest. She would take a nice bath and change when she had enough sleep.

"Where is Yun Qingluo?" Di Fuyi asked Mu Lei, as soon as he came out.

"She broke four ribs and is now recovering in her own house. It is a.s.sumed that she will not be able to fully recover anytime soon." Mu Lei told him the news that he had inquired.

"Where is her house? Take me there!" Di Fuyi did not stop his steps.

Mu Lei was taken by surprise. He took a look at Di Fuyi's pale complexion and was a little worried, "Don't worry, master, Her fractures are set, there is no need for any further medical attention. The residence is now ready, why don't you take a rest before seeing her?"

Di Fuyi did not even bother to look at him. "Stop with the nonsense, show me the way!"

He was too overpowered, so Mu Lei did not dare to say any further. He hastened to guide him.

Actually, Gu Canmo and the rest of them were all waiting outside. They knew that Gu Xijiu was severely wounded, but they were uncertain of the severity.

Di Fuyi was not well known for his medical ability, as he had never healed anyone before. When he took Gu Xijiu into the room, Gu Canmo and the rest of them fluttered restlessly, as they were worried that he would later carry a dead body out of the room. They were slightly relieved when Long Siye finally entered the room with him.

However, Long Siye went in and out very quickly. He did not speak a word when he came out, as though he had lost his tongue. With pursed lips, he waited for them.

When Di Fuyi finally came out, they quickly rushed forward to ask about her condition, but he did not bother to tell them at all. Long Siye wanted to go into the room to check on her but was immediately halted. No one knew what he had told Long Siye, as Long Siye could be seen giving him a stern look. In the end, Long Siye did not enter. Instead, Lan Waiyu was sent into the room to take care of her.

Di Fuyi did not give any further attention to the people and left swiftly with his follower.

Gu Canmo and the rest of the people stood gazing at one another. It seemed to them that Celestial Master Zuo wanted both his old and new lovers, as he had finally thought of Yun Qingluo.

Every disciple in Tianju Hall had an equal share of the amount for all the basic living necessities.

The house that Yun Qingluo was living was no different than the rest of the female disciples. They all lived independently in their own little courtyard.

She was quick-witted and nimble-fingered. She had planted all kinds of herbs in her yard covered with flowers and trees. She had even placed a rock that was tangled in tendrils of vines in the yard. The tendrils were flourished with flowers blooming with red fruits.

The yard was very well managed. According to Mu Lei, who had been there, the style of the yard and Celestial Master Zuo's Fucang Hall was aesthetically the same, as though different tunes rendered with equal skill.

Yun Qingluo had always hoped that when Celestial Master Zuo came to Tianju Hall, he would take some time to visit her yard, so he would finally understand her feelings.

She was lying on her own bed. Although the fractures had been set and fixed, she could still feel the pain in her bones. Even with the use of her spiritual power to ease the recovery, she would still have to lie down for at least two days to get better.

She was popular and had some good friends.

Normally when she caught a cold or had a fever, a lot of her friends would come by and visit her.

However, she had been lying on her bed for almost an hour now, only one or two of her good friends had come to visit. They did not even stay long.

She thought of the looks of the people when the medical personnel was carrying her away. There werre surprise, disbelief, despise and even sympathy.

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