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A+ A- Chapter 613: Cooperated With The Lord 5
Gu Xijiu counted from one to five and told him, "This is five seconds."

The Lord nodded, "Two seconds will be enough." As long as he had two seconds he would be able to protect her.

Gu Xijiu was happy and smiled, "If that is the case, I am not worried anymore. Lord, I can forsee if he will be exploding five seconds ahead of time."

"Good." The Lord nodded, "Stand next to me and don’t run around."

"Okay!" Gu Xijiu obediently stood close to him and the gap between them was closer by half a foot.

The Lord felt warm when he saw her obedient and cute demeanour. He rose his hand and pulled her closer by another half a foot.


After 15 minutes, when Gu Canmo and the rest could not find Gu Xijiu and planned to go into the hall to find her, The Lord walked out from the hall with Gu Xijiu.

Gu Canmo was surprised and immediately ran over. Before he saluted, The Lord immediately interrupted him, "You don’t have to salute anymore. Please go and deal with Qian Lingtian according to the school rules." Then he turned and left.

Gu Canmo and the rest looked at each other before rushing into the hall together.

Qian Lingtian was lying on the floor like a pile of mud. Apparently, he was scared and thus perspired heavily. When Gu Canmo ran into the hall, he was not even aware of it and kept muttering, "They really did what the little girl had said… They actually successfully did it…. haha … I am not exploding… That little girl is really good…"

Gu Canmo and everyone remained silent.

Gu Canmo took a deep breath and asked, "Did they use the method created by Gu Xijiu?"

Qian Lingtian ignored him and kept laughing like an idiot, "I did not die… Haha… finally, I don't have to die…"

One of the elder discipline gurus picked him up, "Since the spell had been removed, you should confess properly. How did you get all the spiritual stones? Who gave the venomous worm to you? Are there any other things that the person had asked you to do? I have so many questions to ask you! It's okay if you don’t confess. I have ways to make you reveal the truth.

"I will tell! I will tell! You don’t need to use any means of punishment. I will tell you the whole truth." Qian Lingtian did not fear for anything anymore.

Since he was not threatened by the spell, he was not scared anymore. Moreover, his memory had been read by The Lord so it had no difference whether he told the truth or not. It would be better if he showed a good att.i.tude and earned some good marks from the teachers.

Therefore he happily shared everything that he knew to Gu Canmo and the other teachers.
In fact, what he knew was very limited. The issue that he shared was not clear too, so nothing progressed any better even after listening to the story.

The truth was, when Qian Lingtian entered Tianju Hall, he was quite depressed although he looked normal.

One night, there was a white-robed man appearing in his backyard. The man wrapped himself completely until he could not differentiate whether the man was a male or female. That person asked if Qian Lingtian wanted to be stronger, and he definitely wanted to. Then that person gave him two venomous pills and asked him to eat one and gave Qian Lingyu the other one.

In addition, in order to maintain the validity of the venomous pill, he had to persistently take the flaming pill. That person could keep providing him the pills and spiritual stones but the condition was that Qian Lingtian needed to provide him with the information of Tianju Hall.

Each time the white man appeared, he came and left very fast so even if he wanted to track him down, he could not do so.

Gu Canmo frowned. Apparently, this man had a bad motive but he did not know who he was.

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