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A+ A- Chapter 614: Cooperated With The Lord 6
Gu Canmo frowned. Apparently, this man had a bad motive but he did not know who he was. What was his purpose of obtaining information about Tianju Hall? What was his relationship with the green-clothed man?

There were countless mysteries in everyone’s minds but it still remained unresolved.

This case seemed to have settled but the culprit behind it was still yet to be caught. It became more complicated and confusing at this point.

However, the good news was the thorn in Tianju Hall had been taken out. Qian Lingyu had turned back to normal so it was still considered a happy event.

The sky had been dark when Gu Xijiu followed The Lord to her house.

She was exhausted the whole day and she felt somewhat sleepy. However, she was still keen to ask The Lord about the results after reading Qian Lingtian's memory.

But The Lord obviously did not want to talk about it. When they returned to the backyard, he waved his hand and asked Gu Xijiu to go back and rest, while he walked back to his own house.

Gu Xijiu did not give up. She was nervous and immediately pulled The Lord’s sleeve, "Lord, what did you see from his memory? Who is the culprit behind all these events? What is his modus operandi? Are there any other accomplices?

The Lord looked at her hand on his sleeve. This little girl was getting more comfortable when she was with him. She actually dared to pull his sleeve…

Gu Xijiu also looked at her hand and she was stunned. She immediately let go of his sleeve.
She did not like to have physical contact with a man. Usually, she would only pat a man on the shoulder if he was her close friend.

She had always respected The Lord. Although she did not like to worship him like how other people did, she still respected him and never had physical contact with him.

This time she actually pulled The Lord’s sleeve like a granddaughter asking for candy from a grandfather…

She felt embarra.s.sed!

The Lord’s eyesight was very aggressive. When he looked at Gu Xijiu, her heartbeat raced.
However, she did not want to give up. Although she had let go of his sleeve, she still looked up at him and waited for an answer.

"Do you really want to know?"

"Okay, come with me." The Lord held her hand and walked into his house.

His big hand was warm and dry while her hand was small.

Gu Xijiu’s heartbeat raced even more. Subconsciously, she wanted to get rid of him but he held her tightly and she was not able to withdraw her hand from his.

She could not use her inner strength because it would seem too obvious. She also doubted if she had the ability to let go of him.

When Gu Xijiu was struggling, she had been brought into The Lord’s house.
What was even worse was she was now in his bedroom.

When she saw the big bed, her face was warm because she recalled the scene when she accidentally fell on his bed.

Especially when she saw the empty bed frame and thought of the whereabouts of that bed drapes, her face flushed even more!

The Lord did not stop and kept walking to the bed.
Gu Xijiu was panicking!

She stopped and said, "Lord, can you tell me here?"

She was worried that The Lord would pull her over so she quickly sat down on a chair and did not move again.

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