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A+ A- Chapter 612: Cooperated With The Lord 4
He did not agree with it!

The Lord stared at him, "There is no room for you to say no." He waved his sleeves to block Qian Lingtian’s voice acupoint so that he could not talk anymore.

Gu Xijiu felt a sense of warmth because The Lord believed in her!

There were rumors of The Lord that he was someone very hard to be convinced and always had his own way to do his own thing. As long as he had made up his mind, no one could interrupt him.

But now he was willing to listen to her…

She breathed lightly and shared her idea, "This is a type of psychological spell. As the person has instilled the idea of the explosion, if he tells the truth and allows him to witness a few similar cases, it will make him truly believe in the spell. It is a very strong psychological hint that was deeply instilled in his mind. Therefore, if he is forced to tell the truth, he will think that he is going to explode.

In that case, his muscle will be tensed as he felt a knot of tension and his blood circulation will increase. The heart will pump very fast and the temperature will rise. Once it reaches a certain point, the spell will be triggered and he will explode… However, if we can reduce his temperature and slow his blood circulation down, the trigger point will not be reached and he will not explode…"

The Lord quietly listened to her a.n.a.lysis. She subconsciously said a few modern terminologies but they were easily understood. Moreover, her theory was very persuasive even though he did not really understand some of the professional terms.

Gu Xijiu finished her sentence in one go. She looked at him, "Lord, what do you think about my idea?"

The Lord raised his hand and rubbed her head, "Good. Let’s give your idea a try."

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

This was the first time The Lord had engaged in such intimate actions with her. The fragrance that lingered around his fingers had shaken her heart and reminded her of someone who used to do something similar; even the fragrance smelled similar too…

The face of Di Fuyi appeared in her mind.

However, she immediately stopped her own thought. She wondered why she kept thinking of this person.

She shook her head and did not want to think about it. It was not the time to think about all these nonsense, "Lord, can we start now?"

"Okay!" The Lord decided very fast.

Gu Xijiu was excited but Qian Lingtian’s face was pale…

"The Lord, do you want to add a few more points? I am afraid if it is not successful…" Qian Lingtian quickly spoke about his view when his voice acupoint was released.

"It is alright if it is not successful." The Lord replied slowly, "The worst case is that you will die but we won't."

Qian Lingtian was speechless. He did not know how to reply.

Although this idea came from Gu Xijiu, The Lord was the one who performed the operation.
The Lord asked her, "You can head out first."

Gu Xijiu bit her lips and stood still beside him, "Lord, I think it is better that I stay here."
The Lord glanced at her and smiled, "You want to stay on with me?"

Gu Xijiu looked up at him, "Lord, if I can see his imminent explosion five seconds in advance, are you able to protect me?"

"Five seconds?" The Lord did not understand her words.

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