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Black smoke was sprayed into the air, and it instantly surrounded the two men. Apparently, the two men did not expect this. They reacted quickly to hold their breath and subconsciously used their swords to attempt to attack the big baby. However, before they managed to do anything, they had fallen into the illusion of the mussel.

They started kicking everywhere and talked nonsense. An onlooker would think that they were crazy.

The big baby was the big mussel. When the two men used their light waves attack, it immediately transformed into a bigger sized mussel and used its sh.e.l.l to block their attack. It was very satisfied when it managed to put the two men under its illusion.

Although the light waves. .h.i.t the mussel, it did not hurt it much. It felt a little pain so it was a bit angry about it. Its poisonous Mirage Illusion could dig out the secrets deep in their hearts. It could also show their most trusted person in their illusion.

The two men were now terrified. They were kicking and struggling desperately in the illusion. They cursed a lot too. Both of them were saying the same thing which was that their mentor was a devil to them. They complained all the while and even cursed their ancestors!

The big mussel was listening at the side and laughed creepily.

Gu Xijiu came out from the house after she heard the noise and patted on its sh.e.l.l, "Don’t laugh so creepily. You sound like a haunted doll in a horror movie."

From the content of their words, Gu Xijiu knew that the two men came from the Liuyun cla.s.s. They were sent by their mentor this time. This was simply living evidence. Gu Xijiu took out her sound recorder and recorded all their cursing.

After a while, the illusion revealed their most trusted person. They had the same person they trusted who was Yan Chen!

When the big mussel wanted to reach out to swallow the two men, Gu Xijiu held its little claws, "Don’t eat them!"

The big mussel showed its unwilling face. It looked at the two men then looked at Gu Xijiu again. It tried to bargain with her, "I want two roasted dzerens!"

Gu Xijiu did not want to spoil it. She stretched out a finger, "One big roasted dzeren. Big mussel, you cannot eat humans here, or you will be caught and stewed as soup!"

The big mussels felt disdained, "They don’t have this ability to catch me. Master, I think there is nothing good in this school. They can easily fall into my illusion."

Gu Xijiu shook her head, "It is because you have not met the real masters yet."

So far, the big mussel only got to deal with Hu Qingqing and these two men. These three persons were not outstanding in the Tianju Hall…

The real masters have not exposed themselves yet. An example would be Yan Chen.

The two men were then released out from the illusion by the mussel. They had used a lot of spiritual power in the illusion, so they were now fully exhausted.

They were shocked when they saw Gu Xijiu who was standing in the doorway. Subconsciously, they attempted to run, and Gu Xijiu did not stop them but just released the sound from the recorder.

The two men’s faces were pale. They tried to grab the recorder from Gu Xijiu but failed because they had not much energy left in their bodies. Also, the big mussel and Wind Caller were standing right beside Gu Xijiu and looked at them fiercely.

The two men were lousy students of the Liuyun cla.s.s. They almost got expelled due to the poor performance, so they had tried everything to get a probation opportunity. They had behaved very carefully so that they would not be expelled

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