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If this sound recorder were pa.s.sed to their mentors, their future would be gone.

"What do you want!?" They could only yield to her and try to negotiate.

Gu Xijiu sighed, "It is not easy for everyone to be here, why would we want to make things difficult for each other? I am alone and helpless at this place and don’t even have a friend. I will get bullied easily by others…"

The two men immediately understood. After a few bargains and discussions, both of them agreed to listen to her and help as long as they did not need to violate the rules of the Tianju Hall. In simple words, both of them would be her informants and helpers…

Gu Xijiu was isolated at this place. Her skills had not improved yet. If she wanted to stay here for long, she needed to have her friends and supports to help her to get through these phases.

It had a lot of requirements to be cool. It was just not a good idea to act cool if her ability and network were weak.

The two men finally left.

Gu Xijiu was relieved. Fortunately, she had the foresight to do preparations beforehand, or else she would have to sleep on a hard rock under the rain tonight!

She rolled over on the bed and put her head on the warm pillow. It felt good to sleep on the bed!

The rain was still pouring outside.

The two men were flying fast in the rain, and they were preparing their speech to report to their mentor based on Gu Xijiu’s guidance. Suddenly, there was a white shadow flashed in front of them and blocked their way.

The two men were startled. They asked, "Who are you?"

The man wore white clothes and was also wearing a white hat with a thin curtain covering his face. He was dressed in white from head to toe, and he did not expose his face or hair.

Although the rain was pouring heavily, the white man did not get wet at all. The rain fell on his hat and split into two just as though a rain shield covered him.

The two men almost got a heart attack when they saw such a person on a rainy night.

"Who are you?"

"What do you want from us?"

These were the last sentences said by the two men, because the next moment, the white man immediately flew over with red lightning bolt in his palm and killed them.


The noise awakened Gu Xijiu.

Just when she sat up, she heard a banging sound on the door outside.

She frowned and felt uneasy in her heart. She opened the door and her

uneasiness had been confirmed.

There were two students killed, and their bodies were found nearby her house. The way they died was very terrifying. They were cut into two by something that was very sharp.

This morning when someone pa.s.sed by, they saw the corpses, and they were shocked. They immediately reported to their mentors and very soon the news had spread across the Tianju Hall.

Gu Canmo was very angry. He personally brought the coroner who was specialized in autopsy, and then they found that the way the two men died was very special. They were not killed by a blade or sword but two pieces of sharp sh.e.l.ls.

It was very easy to suspect Gu Xijiu as she was the only one in the Tianju Hall who owned a big mussel. This mussel could cut and eat people…

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