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Chapter 492: Pride and Bias 4
Before Gu Xijiu could say anything, the mussel was already preparing to attack! It was still waiting to eat, but this lady was chirping like an annoying sparrow.

"Shut up, you little ugly brat! Talk again, and I’ll have you sacrificed!" The mussel was p.i.s.sed off.

Its words irritated and enraged her. With a slash, she attacked the mussel, "What the h.e.l.l are you?!"

The mussel did not expect that she would strike immediately. As it could not manage to dodge, it immediately closed its sh.e.l.ls which were so hard that the strike caused no harm at all, not even a mark.

The girl's attack was very strong and could split a diamond in half. Therefore, she was stunned as she did not expect that the mussel’s sh.e.l.ls would be so hard!

The mussel was not injured, but it was enraged!

It was used to being the predator and could not endure being attacked by someone else! It immediately opened its sh.e.l.ls and spat a mouthful of black smoke towards the teenage girl.

And Gu Xijiu saw a strange sight.

The teenage lady was standing stupefied, unmoved. But her facial expression revealed everything. She was frightened.

She had obviously fallen into the Mirage Illusion of the mussel!

She even talked in the dream, "Yan Chen, you… you’re coming for me? Where am I?"

"Yan Chen, you… you can’t be partial to her… other than her beautiful looks, she’s nothing. Her kung fu is not as good as mine."

"Hng, Yun Qingluo, don’t think that I don’t know the reason why you’re staying with me! You are just using me so that you look more beautiful! Do you think that I’m stupid? I’m with you just to get more attention so that Yan Chen would see me…"

Yun Qingluo, who had been watching, was making a gesture to prepare to cast an incantation but she was shocked when she heard the girl say such things. Then, she became indifferent and stopped gesturing.

Meanwhile, Gu Xijiuwas grilling their dinner on the stand.

She took a glance at the teenage girl and realized that she was unwilling to act as a prop to Yun Qingluo but only wanted to get more attention. Unfortunately, she did not know that she was making it more difficult to obtain the attention of the person she liked.

After all, with a beautiful girl like Yun Qingluo, who would notice anyone behind her?

Yan Chen... Gu Xijiu knew who he was.

He was an outstanding student of the Tianju Hall’s second grade and had a rare talent, the thunder talent.

Besides, he had spiritual power of level 6.5 when he was born. After practicing at the Tianju Hall for three years, his thunder talent had reached level 7.5, and it was said that he could call thunder simply by raising his hand.

He did not only have great talent, but he was also diligent, and it was said that he was very handsome. Therefore, he was known as a person with status and was also an idol among the ladies.

Gu Xijiu turned over the dzeren and brushed a layer of sauce on it.

She took another glance at the girl who was criticizing Yun Qingluo and felt that she was good at acting; she looked pure but was actually mean. She seemed like someone who could easily attract boys' attention on purpose but played hard to get all the time.

Yun Qingluo did not care at the beginning, but she gradually looked angry! Suddenly, she looked like she was ready to attack the mussel.

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