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"There’re lots of beasts in the mountain, why don’t you all go hunting?" She could not go out already because of the curfew imposed at the Tianju Hall, but her two pets could still go out.

She had inquired confidently that the pets of students at the Tianju Hall were allowed to go around the mountain at night, as a mean to train their survivorship and savagery.

"Master, what about we hunt and you grill?" The mussel liked to eat the meat Gu Xijiu grilled and did not want to have raw meat anymore.

"Sure." Gu Xijiu patted its sh.e.l.l, "You all go then. But be careful and don’t become an ingredient in somebody’s soup."

"Don’t worry." The mussel said confidently, "The person who could stew me isn’t born yet."

As it could not move fast, it simply shrunk and clipped itself to the fur of Lu Wu so that it could take itself along.

Lu Wu was small in size, but it could run very fast. Besides, it could understand human language. Off they were on their hunt!

Gu Xijiu laughed and started to prepare materials to grill.

When she was almost done, Lu Wu and the mussel had come back. The mussel rolled down from its back and quickly enlarged itself. Then, it opened its mouth and took out a big and strong dzeren.

While Gu Xijiu was dealing with the dzeren, she suddenly sensed something and raised her head.

Two young ladies were standing across the stream. They were dressed in light purple. One of them was slightly tall and slim yet curvy with a beautiful face. Gu Xijiu knew the girl because she was the newest heavenly gifted disciple - Yun Qingluo.

The other person was skinny and looked rather unhealthy. She had Asian eyes and slightly hooked nose with thin lips. Her skin tone was rather vague, and her facial features appeared to be fierce and hostile.

They were wearing the same colored dress, which was the uniform of the Ziyun cla.s.s.

Though they were wearing the same dress, it looked perfectly beautiful on Yun Qingluo but stale and ordinary on the other teenage girl.

The teenage girl looked average, but she appeared to be very ugly when she was standing next to Yun Qingluo.

On the other hand, Yun Qingluo's beauty became more apparent when she was together with the teenage girl.

"Who allowed you to grill at this place?" The thin teenage girl questioned.

"I myself." Gu Xijiu continued handling the dzeren.

"The Tianju Hall is a clean and serene place, how could you dirty it with grilling? It’s alright if your spiritual level is low but how could you not understand all these basic rules?"

Gu Xijiu finally raised her head and retorted indifferently, "Which rule of the Tianju Hall says you must not grill at this place?"

The teenage girl stifled as the Tianju Hall did not have such rule.

She just wanted to bully Gu Xijiu, the newcomer. When she wanted to speak again, Gu Xijiu said leisurely, "I heard that teacher Gu himself sets the rules of the Tianju Hall, and n.o.body else could add a new one or vice versa. Therefore, please watch your mouth."

The teenage girl chocked and she could only answer after a while, "Of course we don’t have this rule, but this is the most prestigious college, a holy place where it’s a disrespect to dirty and pollute the place. As you’re killing dzeren and grilling it, you’ll pollute the air! Do you think of this place as your mansion in the Feixing Kingdom where you can do whatever you want?"

Gu Xijiu casually set up the stand for grilling the dzeren on top of the bonfire while replying impolitely, "Since there’s no such a rule, why are you maundering?"

The teenage girl probably did not expect that Gu Xijiu would speak so trenchantly. She was instantly annoyed and took a step forward, "How dare you say that to me?!"

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