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Just as one had expected, there was an official who stood up to retort against him, "You must be kidding, Tianju Hall is simply not for just anyone to enter. The admission is well known for its stringency, as one must obtain at least three recommendation letters from the five heaven's gift disciples. It's what the Lord has done to nurture the talents in Starry Crescent Land. The reason why Yun Qingluo was eligible for admission was that she's a true heaven's gift disciple, as she ought to be."

The general was astonished. He remained slightly unconvinced. "Nonetheless, our lady is extraordinary, too, as her spirit power has already achieved a level five at her tender age, she has even tamed Lu Wu, a level eight majestic being. Although she’s not a heaven's gift disciple, she’s a follower of the Lord. Perhaps Tianju Hall will accept her."

"You must be dreaming! The people who gain admittance are certainly geniuses, the best of the best, with a level-five primary spirit power and yet Miss Gu was a failure in her spirit power back then, as she didn’t even achieve level one."

The official who disapproved the argument was a man with a hot temper, as he was often too outspoken. At this point, he realized that he did say something wrong. He coughed as he looked at Gu Xijiu and said, "Of course, Miss Gu has now achieved level five, but that is not her primary spirit power."

Some of the officials, whom would not be dealing with Gu Xietian, had their courage boosted under the influence of alcohol and chimed in with the opinion of the general, "Exactly, exactly, the admission of the place is strict with no s.p.a.ce for compromise - a nail is a nail and a dowel is a dowel! Miss Gu will not make it, as she doesn’t really fit the criteria."

Gu Xietian had offended quite a lot of people before. Moreover, the rules for the admission of Tianju Hall were absolutely stringent, so there were more and more people who echoed the views of the official.

The main idea was that Gu Xijiu was not eligible to be admitted into Tianju Hall. It would only be an embarra.s.sment for her if she insisted to register herself there.

One of them who had a sharp tongue commented in jest, "Although Miss Gu has created some miracles, she's still incomparable to Yun Qingluo to be placed on a par. The difference is too vast. One must have a clear estimation of one's ability."

"Slam!" The Emperor hit the table loudly with the white jade cup in his hand to finally stop the discussions among the officials, which were happening almost wildly without holding back their opinions.

The Emperor looked around sternly and all of them lowered their heads.

Calmly, the Emperor said, "You all must make measured speeches! Such an apt.i.tude of hers is invaluable. Don’t compare her with irrelevant people. A child with good natural endowments will accomplish a name by herself regardless of the school she attends. Moreover, the school of Xingyi Hall in my Feixing Kingdom is pretty good, too. It’d be great if Xijiu goes there."

He then turned to look at Gu Xijiu and said softly, "Xijiu, Xingyi Hall has many great teachers, you'll definitely learn many things if you go there. You should go back and have a rest. I will personally write a letter to the hall teacher three days later. He'll definitely have you arranged appropriately. Oh, right, let Jia Luo and Che accompany you as you go. They're the students there, just right to get you familiar with the place."

Gu Xijiu could not help but laugh.

This two-man comic show between the Emperor and the officials was nicely done.

They spared no effort in order to make her enter Xingyi Hall, willingly.

Some coaxed, others coerced, some tried to smooth things over. All were done just to leave her no choice of declining.

If Gu Xijiu were just a child in her teenage years, she would definitely be fooled by them, as though she had to count money for the people who sold her.

However, she was Gu Xijiu, as she had seen all kinds of people and had experienced enough filthy things in her life. How could she not realize it?

If the Emperor had not incited them in advance, these old slickers, whom had years of experience in the official circles, would not dare to express their opinions so freely without a care.

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