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Chapter 465: Gu Xijiu’s Qualification 2
Before Gu Xijiu could say anything, Rong Jialuo had already voiced out calmly, "My Eighth Brother, will you invite me along, that time?"


"My Eighth Brother, will you be that mean to leave me out of the invitation?"

Rong Che touched the fan that he had been holding on and said with a cough, "Of course not, I’ll invite you along."

"That’s great, then," said Rong Jialuo, nodded. He filled a cup of tea for Gu Xijiu and continued calmly, "Xijiu, My Eighth Brother can indeed make a lot of strange and exotic herbal soups. We shall go and visit him together! Have a taste of it all!"

The Emperor interrupted suddenly, "Xijiu, what’s your plan for the future?"

"Emperor, I still think that I’m lacking some strength, so I’ll isolate myself and practice my Kung Fu for a while once I get back home."

"No, Xijiu, I think that you’re still young. You should enter a school to learn some knowledge from various aspects. There’ll be guidance from some of the greatest teachers in school, so you can learn faster, rather than isolating yourself."

"Yes, yes, one should learn widely from others’ strengths. Isolating oneself to practice Kung Fu blindly would be like working behind closed doors..,"

"Exactly, exactly…"

The officials agreed, one after another.

Gu Xijiu was struck by a thought. She also felt that she knew too little about the world, so she nodded in approval, as it would be great for her if she had the chance to enter a school and learn more.

Seeing her nod her head, the Emperor was delighted and started discussing with the officials about suitable schools for Gu Xijiu's admission.

There were schools all across the country in Starry Crescent Land. In order to cultivate excellence in their own county, there were certainly many schools in Feixing Kingdom as well. These schools were also categorized into different ranks.

The people agreed in unison that Gu Xijiu should enter the school of the highest rank in Feixing Kingdom with her credentials – Xingyi Hall.

The Firmament Stone filled her in with the relevant information, "Xingyi Hall was the biggest and the best school in Feixing Kingdom. The school only has the elites of distinguished talents and only accepts the most excellent children from the recommendations of different state governments in the entire country; even the teachers are well-known in Starry Cresent Land. Rong Jialuo and Rong Che are still learning in that school, but they'll be graduating soon. Rong Chu is great, but his qualifications didn't meet the expectations, so he was denied entry."

Probably because of exhaustion, Gu Xijiu had trouble trying to put her thoughts together. After a while, she finally made sense of it.

The Emperor was actually trying to match her with Rong Jialuo or Rong Che.

It was due to the words from Celestial Master Zuo the other day that diminished the idea from the Emperor to force her into any marriages. Therefore, he wanted to take this opportunity, hoping that they would come to have feelings for each other as time pa.s.ses.

While she was still lost in her thoughts, someone suddenly said, "Emperor, in my opinion, Miss Gu should be able to enter Tianju Hall for further learning. Hasn't Miss Yun Qingluo also started attending the school a few days ago?"

The Emperor looked down and found out that the one who had just voiced his opinion was a general. The general had a good relationship with Gu Xietian. Also, he was forthright and outspoken, as he always voiced out anything that came to mind.

In fact, Gu Xietian had been in the banquet all the while. Since he saw Gu Xijiu, he had not been able to step forward and could only watch from afar. Gu Xijiu, on the other hand, acted as though she did not see him and did not bother to greet him.

At this moment, he was at the same table as the general. Hearing the words of the general had affected him a little, so he turned his eyes to the Emperor as well.

The Emperor kept his countenance and looked down at the officials.

Just as one expected, there was an official who stood up to retort against him, "You must be kidding, Tianju Hall is simply not for just about anyone to enter."

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