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Gu Xijiu finally felt warmth in her heart. She had a sudden sense of security while looking at the tall figure standing in front of her.

She knew that Di Fuyi’s Kung Fu should be superior to Long Siye's, so she would be safe with him.

Before his appearance, she was so tensed that she could not fight. However, with his presence, she could finally heave a sigh of relief. She was so tired to the point where her limbs were about to cramp.

The amount of care that Di Fuyi showed to her was not ordinary. He waved his sleeves backward, and there was a cushion on the floor which appeared out of thin air, "Rest if you're tired, a girl shouldn't have to be this tough."

With this gesture, Gu Xijiu felt a mix of warmth and grief. Without hesitation, she quickly sat down on the cushion as she watched Di Fuyi and Long Siye engage in a battle.

Before Di Fuyi started fighting, he asked, "Long Siye, do you want to kill her yourself or do you want me to do it on your behalf?"

His finger was pointing at Ye Hongfeng.

Gu Xijiu was lost for words.

Her heart throbbed a little. A sense of iciness quickly replaced the warmth she had just felt. Di Fuyi sounded as if he was jealous.

Long Siye would not let Di Fuyi kill his beloved whom he had just brought back to life. He hid her behind his back to protect her. Both of them briefly exchanged a few words and finally fought against one another after failing to reach a common view.

Gu Xijiu watched as they fought robustly amidst the winds of change. She was enthralled by the fight and did not realize that Ye Hongfeng was quietly approaching her from behind. Gu Xijiu seemed to be so deeply absorbed in the battle that she did not know what was going on behind her.

It seemed like the sword was about to stab her heart from the back. Without turning around, she suddenly struck back and grabbed the sword from Ye Hongfeng. She took advantage of the surprise and seized the sword. She then aimed it directly back at Ye Hongfeng.

The entire process was smooth, and she knew that she would get attacked as Gu Xijiu obviously had no mercy for her.

"Hongfeng!" In mid-air, Long Siye tried to temporarily distract Di Fuyi with a wave of his sword and quickly rushed towards Gu Xijiu at the risk of his life.

The force from his palm arrived before he did and it was like a typhoon which threw Gu Xijiu away.

She experienced a hard impact on the floor with a loud crashing sound. Gu Xijiu was light-headed by the intense pain. She could hardly see, and her ears were ringing to the point where she could no longer hear clearly.

A few moments later, she finally regained her conscious, but she could not see both Long Siye and Ye Hongfeng at the scene. She could only see a hand that was offered in front of her. She looked up at the purple sleeves and saw Di Fuyi’s handsome, smiling face. He looked at her and said tenderly, "Come, let me help you up."

His hand was smooth as jade, unlike Long Siye’s hand with jointed fingers that were as slender as a bamboo. Di Fuyi's hand was precious as if carved from an exclusively rare Mutton Fat Jade Stone. This form of hand was so perfect that it triggered an urge for her to touch it.

His hands were capable of raging winds and storms. Certainly, they were capable of providing her with a solid support.

Gu Xijiu finally put her hand in his grasp and said, "The two of them…"

Before she was able to finish her sentence, there was a sudden and intense pain in her wrist. Di Fuyi's hand was squeezing her like a pair of pincers. The intensity of his clutch was able to shatter her bones.

Gu Xijiu completely changed her countenance. She fought back anxiously but failed to release her hand from his grasp, as if her soul was being held hostage, too.

Di Fuyi saw her struggles, and a smile slowly appeared on his face. His laughter was filled with the gloom of darkness, enough to chill her to her bones.

"You’re not Di Fuyi!" Gu Xijiu finally realized it. Although Di Fuyi was bad, he would never laugh at her in such a painful manner.

‘Di Fuyi’ laughed louder, "I see that the one that you subconsciously trust is Di Fuyi."

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