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Chapter 418: The Devil Within
The girl leaned her head on Long Siye’s body, and she smiled tenderly as she did in their previous life. "It’s all because of you that Long Siye feels indignant about me. In this world, there should be only me who looks like me! But now, there’s also you. He’s here to kill you, for me. Honestly, I feel uncomfortable seeing you around. You are just a clone, and you shouldn’t even exist in the world!"

Gu Xijiu looked at Long Siye. His expression was a display of dark uncertainty. A sword slowly appeared in his palm, "Xijiu, I’m sorry!"

The sword was aimed directly at her and moved swiftly in her direction.

Gu Xijiu did not feel quite right about it.

She was tired. She was really tired! She was so exhausted that she would rather lie down on the floor and take a rest, but all this awful mess just could not seem to leave her alone!

Without blathering on, as she did not have much to say to Long Siye, she faced him directly.

Again, it was another vigorous fight, raging like a storm.

Long Siye taught her all the essential Kung Fu techniques that she used to have. Before that, she was no match for him.

However, in this life, she found a cla.s.sical book in the cave, which must have been left for her by The Lord. If she were to fight Long Siye this time, they should be able to end in a draw.

Ye Hongfeng witnessed the entire fight with her arms crossed. A few moments in, she shouted, "Siye, your spiritual power is obviously stronger than hers so you should be able to pummel her. Are you pulling your punches now?"

After listening to Ye Hongfeng's disapproving words, Long Siye's movements became faster all of a sudden. His surrounding spiritual power was surging as if tangible and definite, so powerful that it started to pressure Gu Xijiu.

Although Gu Xijiu had created plenty of legendary stories by fighting against stronger opponents, she would still crumble under the force of the enemy if there was a significant disparity of strength. Long Siye had reached level nine in his spiritual power. Once he fully utilizes his power, he would leave Gu Xijiu no chance at all.

Yun Qingluo, who was level six and a half in her spiritual power, would be held down under his strength, let alone Gu Xijiu who had just acquired level five.

Gu Xijiu had obviously felt the pressure of the enormous strength from her opponent. Her blood boiled with anger. However, she held her body straight and did not show any sign of being threatened. Her movements were smooth as she was a cloud floating in flowing water. Long Siye’s eyes darkened at the sight of her swift movements.

"Xijiu, you’re always so stubborn. If you’re willing to take your death graciously, I’ll preserve your entire body."

Gu Xijiu was a steady person in maintaining her composure. However, her blood was raging so much at that moment that she could no longer contain herself. Her hand trembled, and in her slightest distraction, the sword in her hand was disarmed entirely and flew towards the sky.

"Xijiu, remember, don't reincarnate to your next life. Let your soul evaporate like a mist." Long Siye's sword was swift as if a venomous snake moving towards Gu Xijiu's neck.

Once she was. .h.i.t, she would be beheaded. She would no longer exist in this world.

Gu Xijiu wanted to keep away from the strike, but it was too late. Her heart was suddenly filled with so much sorrow – she was killed in his hand in both her previous and current life.

Suddenly, there was a sound of a flute coming from an unknown source. Long Siye was stunned a little at the sound of it. His strike was slightly off target, and Gu Xijiu successfully evaded it. She lunged backward to create some distance away from him.

Her heart was beating so vigorously now – unsure if it was from her narrow escape from death or other possible reasons. She turned towards the sound of the flute and saw the figure of a man slowly drifting in.

His purple robe fluttered lightly along with his movement. His strands of hair floated gently in the wind. His eyes were as dark as the autumn rivers, and his lips were dull cherry red. He moved in an amazingly graceful manner – Di Fuyi was here.

Upon arrival, he quickly hid Gu Xijiu behind his back and told her, "Sweetheart, you must be tired, let me handle this!"

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