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Gu Xijiu focused on his hands. His att.i.tude was almost the same as the modern Long Xi. Even the current scene had overlaps with some of the scenes that happened before. During the modern day when she was in danger, he fell from the sky like a prince to save her.

When he reached his hand out to her, she would give him her hand without any hesitation. But now when he asked for her hand again, she was shocked and did not give him her hand. Instead, she stepped backward.

"Long Siye, why are you here?"

"Xijiu, this is not the right place to chat. Come with me first." Long Siye stepped forward again.

His att.i.tude was just like his usual self, but Gu Xijiu felt something was not right, "Where is this place?"

"We are still inside the Dark Forest, and you fell from the split of the ground. There are a lot of beasts over here. I think we should go up now."

Long Siye quietly went nearer to her, "Xijiu, I'll take you up!"

In their previous life, Gu Xijiu would never reject Long Xi. She would follow whatever he asked her to do and it had been a habit to obey his instruction. His hands still looked warm like before, and she wanted to trust him. He was soft and gentle, but when his finger almost touched her palm, Gu Xijiu raised up her blade and tried to cut off his hand!

Long Siye stepped backward in time and barely escaped the blade.

"Xijiu!" He shouted and looked at her incredulously, "What’s wrong with you?"

Gu Xijiu stared at him like a sharp knife, "You are not Long Siye!"

Long Siye frowned, "Xijiu, are you crazy? Who am I if I am not him?"

Gu Xijiu sipped her lips, "I don’t know who you are, but I know you are not him!"

Long Siye paused for a moment then he laughed, "Xijiu, I think you are too scared of getting crazy. I came all the way here to save you, but you tried to cut me."

He stepped forward slowly as if a predator was preparing to pounce on its prey, "Am I not the person you trust the most? Why do you doubt me?"

Gu Xijiu’s blade was pointing at him, and she said coldly, "You can keep acting."

"Siye, she doesn’t believe you. Why do you still want to save her?" A lady’s voice sounded, and a lady appeared beside Long Siye.

Gu Xijiu stared at her. The lady looked exactly like her in her previous life. She had a slim figure but looked weak.

Ye Hongfeng!

She was Ye Hongfeng!

Gu Xijiu only met Ye Hongfeng once but had a profound impression of her! It stemmed from the fact that Long Xi tried to drug her. When the drug was active, Ye Hongfeng came out from a hidden room. The same thing was happening now.

Even the way she held Long Xi’s arm was the same. It was full of possession, and when she looked at Gu Xijiu, it felt like she was looking at a product.

Gu Xijiu sipped her lips, and her hand grabbed the blade handle tightly.

It seems like the beautiful body in the ice coffin was prepared for Ye Hongfeng. Finally, he managed to resurrect her. He should not need the Illusion Weed anymore, so why was he here?

It seemed like they were able to read Gu Xijiu’s mind. That lady smiled, "Gu Xijiu, are you curious about Brother Long Xi? No, he is Brother Siye now. Are you curious about the reason why he came to look for you?"

Gu Xijiu did not answer.

The lady leaned her head on Long Siye’s shoulder. Her smile was tender just like in her previous life.

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