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Di Fuyi was probably a Virgo who wanted everything to be perfect.

When the white jade gla.s.s had broken into half, he did not even want a similar color as well.

He pressed the jug with his palm and the jug immediately disintegrated into fine powder and disappeared. Gu Xijiu felt that it was such a waste.

The jug was apparently a priceless treasure and he ruined it without so much as a blink of an eye. It was really prodigal!

However, it was not any of her business, so Gu Xijiu did not say much and waited for him to take out another wine set.

He did have a lot of wine sets in his storage bag. Gu Xijiu used to always see two sets but the one he destroyed was not the two sets that she had seen before.

As expected, Di Fuyi took out a new wine set again.

Gu Xijiu was shocked!

She had seen this wine set before and was very impressed with it.

They were the jug and the gla.s.s in a bud-shaped Bodhi and looked especially pleasing to the eye when they were put on the table.

A scene six months ago flashed through her mind. It was when he brought her back to the capital. She knocked on this gla.s.s, sang for him and she was drunk after drinking the wine from this jug…

All the past memories ran through her mind over and over again.

"Pour it." Di Fuyi said.

Gu Xijiu looked at the two gla.s.ses on the table and asked in doubt, "Do I need to pour it into two gla.s.ses?"

The last he took out only one gla.s.s and Gu Xijiu was using her own gla.s.s when she asked for wine from him. What could it possibly mean when he took out two gla.s.ses this time?

If it was someone else, she would naturally think that the other gla.s.s was prepared for her.

But this person was Di Fuyi who always acted differently so it was better for her to ask before she poured anything.

Di Fuyi replied with only two words, "Of course."

Gu Xijiu raised her hands to fill up the gla.s.ses.

Everyone in the hall was quietly watching her. They thought that Gu Xijiu was a master in pouring wine since Celestial Master Zuo had personally requested her to pour it for him.

However, after they saw her pouring the wine they shook their heads.

It was a very common way of pouring the wine. Even the servant who had just served Celestial Master Zuo was more skillful than she was…

After Gu Xijiu filled up the two gla.s.ses, she pushed them in front of Di Fuyi, stepped back and stood at the side.

"Sit down." Di Fuyi glanced at her, "You are the disciple of The Lord and different from others. You don’t have to stand in front of me."

His table was big enough for two people, so an additional chair was not needed if Gu Xijiu had wanted to sit.

Gu Xijiu was startled. Was he letting herself sit next to him? Would his fiancé-to-be feel jealous?

She looked up and glanced at Yun Qingluo. Unfortunately, she was masked up so she could not see her facial expression. However, she noticed that Yun Qingluo suddenly clenched the gla.s.s in her hand so she could a.s.sume how she was feeling right now. She must be sad and angry.

Gu Xijiu was very sharp. Although Yun Qingluo did not show much, she could see that she really liked Di Fuyi…

Gu Xijiu was still standing with a little hesitation.

"Why don’t you sit? Are you afraid that I would bite you?" Di Fuyi idly looked at her.

"Okay, thanks." Gu Xijiu Xie could only sit down and thank him.

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