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Chapter 353: Why She Got All the Advantages?
Nonetheless, Gu Xijiu attracted everyone when she came in just now. Therefore, the fire of their jealousy was reignited and grew.

Though they became more jealous for Rong Chu’s response towards her, it was as expected. After all, Rong Chu was fond of women and had numerous concubines.

On the other hand, Rong Jialuo never shown any interest in women yet he was smiling at Gu Xijiu! And even raised his cup towards her!

On what ground? Why she got all the advantages?!

These ladies were so jealous of Gu Xijiu, especially the daughter of the prime minister, Lan Zhaoer who was interested in Rong Chu!

After she drank a few cups of alcohol, she started provoking, "Ms. Gu has now become pretty and precious as well as becoming more arrogant, looking down upon His Majesty." She started by exaggerating her charges against Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu replied calmly, "Could you please elaborate?"

"His Majesty organizes a farewell party for you himself, it is indeed a great honour! It’s alright for not showing your grat.i.tude yet you purposely came late so that His Majesty would wait for you! How can you be so arrogant and impolite even you are the Lord’s disciple?"

"Yes, yes, it’s too arrogant! Totally not respecting anyone!"

"Yes, this is so frustrating."

"Hng, an untalented woman usually has virtue but you are so arrogant. So what if you have beautiful appearance? You have no virtue…"

"…" The ladies condemned after she started.

Gu Xijiu listened calmly and asked after a moment, "Have all of you finished speaking?"

The ladies, "…"

"Since you have finished speaking, then I’ll say something." Gu Xijiu said calmly and turned to the emperor, "Your Majesty, I remembered that the starting time written in the invitation card was 6pm, have I remembered wrongly?"

The emperor shook his head, "You didn’t remember incorrectly, it’s starting time is indeed from 6pm."

Gu Xijiu asked the eunuch at the door, "Excuse me, what time did I enter just now? Did I come in late?"

The eunuch awkwardly looked at the emperor and the emperor said, "You can just say the truth."

The eunuch bowed down and said, "Ms. Gu arrived exactly on time and did not come late."

Gu Xijiu slightly nodded and turned to Lan Zhaoer and the rest, "Have you heard it? I arrived here as promised and exactly on time. How could you say that I’m arrogant?"

The ladies, "…"

Lan Zhaoer, "…You, you came later than His Majesty."

"That’s grace from His Majesty and I’m grateful for that. But from your tone, you seem to feel unhappy that His Majesty came late?"

This exaggerated charge caused Lan Zhaoer to have cold sweat broke out on her forehead and she knew that Gu Xijiu caught her grammatical mistake, hence, she quickly refuted, "No, I don’t! Don’t you dare to simply point your finger at me! I…I definitely don’t mean it!"

Gu Xijiu laughed, "I? How dare you use ‘I’ in front of His Majesty? This is not as simple as arrogant but committed the sin of being disrespectful already! Now I know how courteous you are!"

Lan Zhaoer, "…"

Her forehead was filled with drops of sweat and when she opened her mouth wanted to say something, she was stopped by her father, Prime Minister Lan, harshly, "Stupid, shut up!"

Lan Zhaoer was shocked and dared not speak again.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Lan kowtowed towards the emperor to apologize on behalf of his daughter.

This sin of being disrespectful could be serious that one would be beheaded instantly or non-serious that could be ignored.

The emperor chose to ignore and waved his hand, "Though your daughter is disrespectful but she is after all, still young. It’s alright."

Therefore, the Prime Minister Lan gratefully kowtowed again.

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