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Chapter 352: Do Whatever She Could to Prevent It from Happening
The Emperor took a glance at Rong Chu as he was still upset at him earlier and said, "Fourth Prince, I thought you said you wanted..."

Before His Majesty could finish his sentence, Rong Chu chimed in quickly, "Father, you wanted to arrange for Miss Xijiu to sit by my side just now; you should not change your mind now. With the current status of Miss Xijiu, it is more suitable for her to sit with me."

He was afraid that Gu Xijiu would reject him and came over himself and wanted to hold her hand.

Gu Xijiu swiftly and quickly stepped backward. Hence, Rong Chu could not even touch her clothes, not even close enough to hold her hand!

Unfortunately, she was moving towards Rong Che and slightly staggered and sat directly beside Rong Che.

Rong Che held her with his arm and smiled, "Thank you Miss Gu for coming, please have a seat."

His palm was warm, and it warmed her wrist.

Gu Xiijiu retrieved her hand calmly and smiled in return, "Thank you."

She was slightly shocked as she did not want to sit there. She just accidentally hit on the table corner and staggered. If she did not sit down, she would have fallen into Rong Che's arms!

Was it an accident? Or was it a trick by the Eighth Prince?

However, the possibility of him tricking her could not be at this level.

After all, she roughly knew the ability of the Eighth Prince's Kung Fu, which was slightly better than Rong Chu but slightly poorer than Rong Jialuo's. Logically, he should not have such an accurate calculation ability.

Besides, with his Kung Fu ability, she could see if he did it in secret.

It seemed like it was only a coincidence.

As Rong Chu failed to get her, he was upset but could not vent his anger. Therefore, he took a glance at Gu Xijiu and forcefully laughed, "So Gu Xijiu desired to sit beside the Eighth Prince."

Gu Xijiu smiled, "The alcohol on this table is good." She poured herself a cup of alcohol and took a sip.

Rong Chu, "..." Was the alcohol not the same? Simply just an excuse!

He was angry but could not vent it. Hence, he waved his sleeve and got back to his table.

As Gu Xijiu saw the arrangement of the Emperor, she knew that the gossip she heard at the cafe was indeed correct that the Emperor wanted to match Rong Chu and her together.

Then, she could only do whatever she could to prevent it from happening.

If she had no choice, she would use the planning that both Rong Jialuo and her agreed before in advance.

Rong Che's table was next to Rong Jialuo's and where Gu Xijiu sat was very near to him.

Rong Jialuo curved the corner of his lips while raising his cup towards Gu Xijiu and she replied by raising up her cup too.

The Crown Prince, Rong Jialuo, had always been so cold that people barely could see his smile. He was unexpectedly smiling faintly. Hence, shocking everyone.

His appearance was already very handsome, but as he smiled, he captured every lady's heart which stupefied them!

They were not feeling good too.

After all, these ladies were daughters of imperial court officials, and many of their fathers ranked higher than Gu Xietian.

Therefore, when they heard about Gu Xijiu, who was not only a useless person but also ugly.

Gu Xijiu was known to be a symbol of stupidity and unworthiness in their opinion.

But, they could not believe that the person they looked down upon could improve so much!

And she had medicinal skills and also became the Lord's disciple.

So they comforted themselves that the ugly Gu Xijiu would not attract any man even if she were a disciple of The Lord.

Therefore, they were delighted when they saw Rong Chu rejecting the Emperor's suggestion.

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