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The emperor waited for him to finish his kowtow before he said, "Prime Minister Lan, your daughter is innocent and carefree but happens to be too straightforward, as a tree would not grow up straight without chopping it, she may not be a useful person if proper discipline is not put in place."

This meant she lacked discipline, and the Prime Minister Lan understood it clearly. He felt slightly bad and quickly pulled down his daughter to kowtow to give her thanks again, "Thank you for Your Majesty's teaching, I’ll definitely discipline her so that she knows how to respect others…"

The little crisis had ended.

Lan Zhaoer no longer dared to cause any trouble anymore. Meanwhile, the other ladies also knew that the emperor was actually supporting Gu Xijiu, though it felt unfair, they did not dare to say anything else.

The emperor looked at Gu Xijiu, "Xijiu, you’re entering the Dark Forest tomorrow, how are your preparations coming along?"

"Your Majesty, thank you for your concern. I’m done preparing."

"Oh, that’s great. What level is your spiritual power now?"

"Your Majesty, it is four."

The people, "…"

Two levels in half a year? Was she joking?

On this big land, only people with a level five spiritual power and above could identify one’s spiritual power level when he struck, and only people who were as good as Di Fuyi could identify one’s spiritual power level by just a glance.

Therefore, those people present could not identify Gu Xijiu’s spiritual power level but fortunately, there was a Crystal Ice Jade in the palace which could be used to identify one’s spiritual power level. The emperor ordered to take it out to test Gu Xijiu directly.

With many people staring, Gu Xijiu put her little fair hand on the Crystal Ice Jade and the thin column representing the wind talent quickly went up and stopped at level four. Meanwhile, the thin column representing the fire talent went up to level 1.5.

What she said was indeed true, she actually had a level four spiritual power and it was actually the wind talent!

The people were looking at her in surprise and disbelief.

Certainly most officials were delighted, after all, such a genius was from Feixing Kingdom, and was deemed the pride of Feixing Kingdom!

When Yun Qingluo was tested as a heaven's gift disciple, the people of Feixing Kingdom felt rather disappointed. This was because even Gu Xijiu was known as the Lord’s disciple, and she had low spiritual power; incomparable to Yun Qingluo whose level of spiritual power was almost hitting a level seven.

Therefore, when they saw the Gu Xijiu's current results, they beamed with pride again!

Yun Qingluo was a spiritual power genius, but Gu Xijiu was a practicing genius!

This big land still did not have anyone who could level up as fast as Gu Xijiu did!

It was alright to start low but the key was to improve fast!

She was indeed a person who had been personally instructed by the Lord, hence, she was improving very fast!

The people were still doubting Gu Xijiu's status as the Lord’s disciple, but they have all believed in her now! After all, other than the Lord, who else could have ways for his disciples to level up this quickly?

Definitely Gu Xijiu herself was extremely good, otherwise, she would not be chosen as the Lord’s disciple…

When they had a genius in their own country, it was considered the fortune of the country, hence the blessing of the emperor.

Therefore, the officials were complimenting the emperor that his policy of benevolence touched the heaven, for a genius had been born…

As Gu Xijiu listened to the officials who were generously and pa.s.sionately currying the emperor's favor, she calmly sipped on her gla.s.s of water and did not speak a single word.

"Xijiu, you’re almost fifteen already, right?" The emperor gently asked her.

"Your Majesty, I’m only fourteen years and two months old; still far from reaching fifteen." Gu Xijiu appeared to be calm, but her heart was actually throbbing.

Was it coming? Was this emperor going to appoint her a spouse?!

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