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Yan Chen used to like her so much, and Gu Xijiu had treated them as a couple all the time. When she thought of them, she even expected that either of them would get married. She never expected that.

Her eyes turned to Lan Waihu. Lan Waihu looked down and did not speak. As for Yan Chen, he pretended like he did not hear it but turned and talked to Qian Lingyu. This was not a right time for Gu Xijiu to ask about relationship matters. She used a directed audio to ask Yan Chen, "Is Lan Yue a reliable person?"

Yan Chen nodded slightly and replied with directed audio. "Yes, he is." After that, he could not resist and added one more sentence, "Xijiu, the Celestial Master Zuo beside you is not trustable!"

Gu Xijiu had understood the overall situation. She smiled and glanced through the crowd. "I was lost over the past few years and strayed into a prohibited area. I have been trapped inside there and was only able to get out from it a few days ago. Celestial Master Zuo was trapped together with me all these years, and we were together all the time during those eight years."

It was a straightforward explanation, but it made everyone stunned. They looked at each other, and then back at Di Fuyi. They were all still in shock. 

Gu Xijiu continued, "The person beside me is the real Celestial Master Zuo while the one who has done a lot of bad things out there is a fake one!"

This sentence created a ripple effect. Everyone started to open their eyes widely as they were too shocked by the information. Gu Xijiu understood that this message was shocking. She did not hurry and patiently waited for them to digest the information.

If this message was delivered by someone else, people might not believe it and would probably think that it might be another trap created by Celestial Master Zuo. However, it was Gu Xijiu who said it. Hence, everyone finally believed it.

Zhang Chuchu was the first one to react. "d.a.m.n it! It turns out that the bada.s.s is a fake. Let me tell you, these two years Celestial Master Zuo has changed and done countless bad things. We thought that he finally revealed his true nature. Only now do we know that he is a fake!"

Qian Lingyu also clenched his fist. "That guy is horrible. He could actually pretend to be Celestial Master Zuo so vividly. Even the four messengers are by his side…"

"Xijiu, did you know that he even requested Headmaster Gu to send a student to help him in battle? Since Headmaster Gu did not agree to help, so he had sent numerous sects that followed him to attack us. Fortunately, Headmaster Gu led everyone to fight back and defeated them. Everyone was so angry with this Celestial Master Zuo, but we can do nothing." Lan Waihu also started to speak up.

"Why did you all give up Tianju Hall? Where are the rest of the people? Where are they now?" Di Fuyi slowly asked.

Everyone looked at him with hesitation. After all, they hated him for nearly two years. Although they knew that it was an imposter, subconsciously, they still felt uncomfortable.

Di Fuyi naturally knew everyone's concern. He frowned, "Still don't believe me?"

Fortunately, Yan Chen was a rational person. He proceeded to tell Di Fuyi everything that had happened in Tianju Hall over the past few months.

"Gu Canmo strictly prohibited the students to go out for their protection. The fake Celestial Master Zuo probably understood that it was a difficult task to conquer them, so he did not have any movements for a long time. When everyone was getting relieved, suddenly something bizarre happened in Tianju Hall."

There was one night when everyone had nightmares in their sleep! In fact, it was not scary to have nightmares. What more frightening was that they had nightmares every night. The dreams they had were horrifying. Even a male adult would feel scared about it, not to mention the ladies.

Most bizarrely was the fact that everyone had the same nightmare.

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