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"I am a Firmament Stone, not a spirit in a bracelet! I am here to specifically look for you, so quickly bid for me. I will explain later. Quick! Quick!" The voice urged again and again.

Firmament Stone?

That name sounded very high-end. Was there a spirit in the Firmament Stone?

It was not impossible for a stone to transform into a spirit. However, the voice sounded strange; it was robotic and almost lifeless.

And why did it specifically look for her?

Gu Xijiu hesitated for a while, and when she looked towards the stage, the price had already been increased to 200,000 dollars.

"It is too expensive!" Gu Xijiu leaned on the railing and spoke her thoughts.

"You are such a stingy woman! I am the Firmament Stone that is worth more than a hundred thousand dollars.

It seemed like this jade bracelet thought highly of itself.

Gu Xijiu said bluntly, "You are not worth it."

"You… How can you despise me? You..."

"I will count to three and you shall give me a reason to buy you, or else... Haha!" Gu Xijiu smiled with no mercy, "One!"

The voice sounded angry, "You….!"


"Well…" the voice finally succ.u.mbed; it slightly paused and said, "I am formed by the universe, thus, I know everything there is to know in the world."

It sounded like it possessed an all-knowing function like Google did, and it did seem useful for her. However, she did not know if it was fibbing.

Gu Xijiu knocked the railing with her fingers and took it into consideration.

"Hey girl, how can you doubt me?" The voice sneered, and slowly but suddenly spat out a word,


Gu Xijiu was shocked. This bracelet actually knew her secret. It seemed like it did have some skills after all.

"Hey, girl, I'm not just any other bracelet. I am a Firmament Stone. I am something worth dying for!"

Gu Xijiu was not convinced, "You are too attractive. If I had you, I will be the center of attention. By then, how can I walk in and out anywhere I please anymore?"

"Hey girl, don’t worry. Once you buy me, I will have my ways to veil my shine. Alright, hurry up and think of a way to get more money. You won't be able to afford me with only a few dollars in your pocket."

The voice suddenly thought of an idea, "It looks like you won't have enough time to earn that much money to buy me. Why don’t you use the Illusion Weed to exchange with me?

The fourth prince will definitely bid for it and exchange it with you."

"No, the Illusion Weed is far more valuable than you are." Gu Xijiu vehemently refused.

"Hey girl, what do you mean? Is the weed more valuable than I am? That's impossible…" That voice sounded angry and shouted in Gu Xijiu's mind.

"Hush! Hush! I'll have my way to bid for you."

"Really? But the price has increased to 330,000 dollars. Where are you going to get such a big sum of money? Are you planning to rob someone? We're not allowed to do so here, and it is too late now…"

"Shut up, I will not bid for you if you keep being such a nuisance. I have my ways, alright?"

When Gu Xijiu spoke with the jade, she used Kinesis, thus the rest of the people could not see or hear anything.

The method that Gu Xijiu used was very easy. She asked for a pen and paper from the servant, wrote a few words before folding the paper into a compact paper crane. She then asked the servant to send the paper crane to the crown prince. She strictly instructed, "This letter can only be seen by the crown prince and not anyone else. It is very important!"

She thought for a moment, and added, "If the first prince refuses to personally open it, you can say the two words ‘hidden disease’."

The servant did not say much. Although he was lost, he still took the paper crane and walked into the dining room of the first prince.

Crown Prince Rong Jialuo was tasting the tea in his dining room. When he saw the servant walking into his dining room, he was shocked.

The guard next to him was worried that there was something uncanny about the paper crane and wanted to open it for the crown prince. However, the servant stopped him and said, "Crown Prince, the young man said you have to open it personally. He also mentioned the two words ‘mysterious disease'."

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