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She had no internal force at the moment, hence, it was best for her to maintain a low profile instead of challenging the thieves. She decided to find a way to return to the General’s residence.

If what she predicted was right, quite a drama would be stirred in the General’s residence the very next morning.

She must return home before dawn!

She looked at her small hands and smiled.

It was until that moment, she felt her existence was real.

As she was given the chance to be revived into this new form, she must continue living well! She decided to put the past behind her, and focus on her new lease of life.

She tried to dry her hair and then took a glance at the statue again. She realized the perfect lips of the statue was light pink and it seemed to be slightly curved upwards. The smiling lips made her feel like planting a kiss on it.

Gu Xijiu could not control herself and kissed the cold lips of the statue. Surprisingly, she smelt a light fragrance on its lips and was definitely captivated by it.

Gu Xijiu wanted to leave right after she kissed the statue, however, she was attracted to the fragrance and continued embracing it for a little longer.

What kind of jade was that? It looked like a raw white jade, only far more superior. Most importantly, it smelled good!

What a fantastic treasure! A thought crossed her mind to steal it from the thieves and bring it home.

Unfortunately, it was too difficult for her tiny frame. Forget it - let’s think about it later.

She left with big strides, as she wanted to get home as soon as possible.

She calculated the distance silently when she arrived at the place where she last fell and initiated the teleportation...

The teleportation was a result of her personal practice in the modern world; she was surprised that she could still use it even if her soul had now possessed a new form. Although it was not that powerful, she was satisfied with it.

Based on the memories of the previous owner of the body, Gu Xijiu realized that she knew nothing about the current dynasty.


The big land was named Xing Yue Continent, which was divided into three parts - Fei Xing Country, Hao Yue Country, and Zhao Yang Country, which all shared the same level of authority.

People in the continent were adept at martial arts, and they practiced with the spirit power from the five elements. The key to practicing spiritual powers was possessing the innate talent and almost all of the citizens in the continent did possess such a talent. However, some were strong and some were weak. The stronger the talent was, the easier it would be for them to master martial arts, thus influencing their level of abilities.

The higher the spiritual power, the stronger the person would be, and he or she would earn more respect from the people.

Of course, there were more people who had weak talents. Those people had tried their best or had even spent all their life practicing martial arts, but they could only manage to attain the second level, which at the very most, allowed them to be a soldier or security guard.

While Gu Xijiu had zero talents, it did not allow her to practice anything at all, which was the reason everyone frowned upon her and regarded her as a good-for-nothing trash.

She became the joke of the General’s family and did not get any recognition from her father. She was the black sheep of the family and had been insulted by all her next-of-kin.

However, everything was all over now! She was the new owner of this body and she strived to help the previous owner regain everything she deserved.

It was fine to have zero talents, as she found the body and bone structure good enough for practicing her internal force. With her own secret methods, she was confident that she was able to transform her new self into someone as powerful as she previously was, within three years, in the modern world she now lived in.

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