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The cane was strange as it did not leave a single mark on her body but it made her suffer a lot of pain. She hoped that she had never come to this world.

Ye Hongfeng felt that her soul was breaking into pieces. Her lips were trembling, but she could not speak due to the severity of the pain. She finally sensed fear as she looked at Long Siye's red eyes. She would die if it continued and her soul would disappear!

Somewhere nearby, a shadow flashed and appeared on a big tree. The person was wearing a white cloak with a hood. He did not move forward but was mumbling as though he was chanting a spell. Long Siye's body became stiff as he began to lower his hand.

"Just stop, she'll die…" The white-cloaked man spoke with a strange voice as though his sound was coming out from a cave.

Long Siye paused and finally stopped moving his hand as he looked at the white-cloaked man. The white-cloak man's face was hidden under his hood, and only his purple eyes could be seen. His eyes were staring at Long Siye. "She betrayed you even though you have done so much for her. You hate her very much, don't you?"

Long Siye looked at him and slowly answered, "Yes!"

"She wouldn't come back to you regardless of how much you did for her. She betrayed your love, she's a s.l.u.t, right?"


"You would rather have her hate you as hatred is always more memorable than love. Since she wouldn't love you regardless of what you did for her, it would be better if she hated you, don't you agree?"

Long Siye looked like he was suffering but he agreed with a shaky tone. "Yes."

"You've finally achieved your goal. Gu Xijiu will hate you from now onwards, and she will never forget you." The white-cloak man said gently, "Good boy, you're tired. It's time for your meditation."

Long Siye followed his instruction and slowly sat down to meditate.

At the same time, Ye Hongfeng quickly crawled forward and knelt in front of the white-cloak man. "Thank you for sparing my life, My Great Lord!"

The white-cloak man shifted his attention towards Ye Hongfeng.

Her voice was so sweet and gentle when she spoke to Long Siye earlier. However, she looked like a frightened bird now. Suddenly, a ray hit Ye Hongfeng's body. "B*tch! You almost ruined my plan!"

Ye Hongfeng screamed out of fear and pain, and her body was trembling. "I'm so… so sorry my Great Lord…"

The white-cloak man slowly walked toward Ye Hongfeng and placed a finger under her chin. He sighed. "You looked exactly like her, but your personalities are so different from hers. Why are you so stupid…"

He was wearing a very long and silverish nail cover which looked like a mini sword that could poke right through Ye Hongfeng's throat at any time.

Ye Hongfeng's body continued to tremble. "My Great Lord, please… spare my life… I'll definitely… try my best to serve you… I promise..."

The eyes of the white-cloak man were evil. His nail cover lingered around Ye Hongfeng's throat as he pondered about what he should do. Ye Hongfeng did not even dare to breathe as she was unable to move a muscle even though the pain she felt was intense enough to make her bang herself against a wall...

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