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She was scared as she crawled towards Long Siye and tugged his sleeve. Long Siye pulled his sleeve away and avoided her hand. He continued to pull out a red muscle fiber from the dead beast...

Ye Hongfeng could not bear the pain. "Brother Long Xi, could you please help me… help me first…"

Long Siye did not look at her as no one could disturb him while he was focused on something. After 15 minutes, he had finally pulled out a complete muscle fiber which looked like a glowing red cane. Finally, he gazed at Ye Hongfeng, and his voice was gentle. "Are you hurt?"

Ye Hongfeng felt scared. Although Long Siye looked normal, his eyes were as red as blood, and he seemed extremely ruthless now.

"Brother Long Xi?"

Long Siye looked at her with a pair of evil eyes as though he was thinking about something cruel.

Ye Hongfeng tried very hard to focus and continued calling him, "Brother Long Xi… Brother Long Xi!"

Long Siye looked at her as he slowly squatted down as though he had been hypnotized. Ye Hongfeng's hand was trembling as she stretched it out towards Long Siye. "Brother Long Xi, I really can't move anymore, could you carry me?"

Long Siye stopped and then proceeded to carry her in his arms...

Ye Hongfeng felt relieved and continued, "I'm injured, could you please take a look at me? I might die soon…" She was looking into his eyes as she talked.

"I wouldn't let you die." Long Siye suddenly voiced out and added, "I'm sorry."

He seemed to be talking to Ye Hongfeng, but it sounded as though he was talking to someone else. His fingers were full of blood as he slowly placed them on her wrist.

"It's very painful! Brother Long Xi, it's really painful!" Ye Hongfeng was crying.

"Are you hurt?" Long Siye suddenly asked again as he smiled. However, his smile did not look genuine. In fact, it looked like he was crying. He asked, "Do you think that your pain is greater than mine?" Suddenly, his fingers clipped around Ye Hongfeng's wrist, and he broke it in a second! Ye Hongfeng immediately screamed aloud and sweat burst out of her skin! However, that was not the end. Long Siye immediately twisted her broken wrist again.

No one would have been able to bear such pain!

Ye Hongfeng opened her eyes widely and looked at Long Siye. She tried very hard to focus her attention as she looked into his eyes. Her voice was trembling. "Brother… Long Xi, please… don't hurt me… I know you don't want to hurt me, right?" At first, she sounded so gentle and sweet when she called his name. However, her lovely voice sounded terrible now.

Long Siye looked at her and suddenly smiled gently. "You're right, I shouldn't hurt your body as it is my best creation…"

When Ye Hongfeng was about to breathe a sigh of relief, Long Siye let go of her!

Ye Hongfeng immediately fell on the ground. She felt that her whole body had gone numb as she almost fainted! When she had regained some of her consciousness, she saw that Long Siye was waiting for her with the cane made from the beast's muscle fiber!

"I'll not hurt your body anymore, but I would still have to punish you!" A red ray flashed and hit Ye Hongfeng's body!

The cane would not harm the physical human body, but it would make the soul of the body suffer. Ye Hongfeng could not bear the pain anymore and began to cry as she rolled vigorously on the ground...

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